European Jews screeching and howling again…


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I’m not going to publish the article I was reading. It’s not worth publishing their views, especially in this instance. But I was reading how the Jews of Europe are screeching and howling about, let’s call it, a "security issue" and that this must be a warning for broader society.

These people are a damned nuisance in every conceivable way, thrusting their way into white societies where many, initially, don’t want them. Then later when they’re thoroughly embedded, they now try to drive the values of society or they rush to ask whites for protection.

If people look more closely at this, as it takes place over long periods of time, whites need to realise that this stuff will never end and that these people, when intertwined in white society are a problem all of their own.

The Europeans are sick and tired of these Jews and have evicted them hundreds of times at the least, and perhaps well over 1,000 times. This should show you that there is a very sick dynamic going on here.

The Europeans are right to have wanted to rid themselves of these Jewish pests and nuisances.

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