EpsteinGate: Jewish Media Running Cover for Pedophile Conspiracies All Over US, Europe


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[I'm very delighted that something good has come out of the death of the Jewish scumbag Epstein. Notice how the Jew in charge of ABC comes up with his bogus reasons why the story could not be put out. A Jew has a lie for every occasion I tell you. But I'm glad this is rocking the USA and the world a big.

Project Veritas seem to be really kickass whites. Lovely leak. I hope there are more.
TORPEDO the Jewish Liberal ship… in order to save whites, the USA and Europe. Jan]

A number of Jewish-led media networks are working together to hunt down the whistleblower who provided a damning tape featuring ABC News anchor Amy Robach admitting to a conspiracy covering up the Jeffrey Epstein VIP pedophile ring. The video, which currently has 2.3 million views on Youtube, has enraged the public and further discredited the US oligarch-controlled media.

The pressure doesn’t seem to be getting to ABC’s Jewish president, James Goldston, whose company released an official statement claiming that the Epstein story did not have sufficient “corroborating evidence” and was not news worthy. The standards for running sex scandal stories are notoriously low at ABC, which has published a number of farfetched allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

The Zionist cabal involved in protecting Epstein – who has been exposed as having been working at the behest of Israeli intelligence since at least the 1980s – has been reduced to a paranoid dragnet intended to track the individual that released the ABC tape. CBS News’ Jewish president Susan Zirinsky recently fired 25-year-old Amy Bianco after ABC executives speculated that she might be the leaker. Bianco denies all of the allegations.

While the American media has actively stopped covering the Epstein scandal and his mysterious death, the questions continue to linger, with Project Veritas promising to publish more.

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This is not the first elite pedophile scandal to rock a liberal democracy.

Source: https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/epsteingate-jewish-media-running-cover-pedophile-conspiracies-all-over-us-europe/ri27841?ct=t(Russia_Insider_Daily_Headlines11_21_2014)&mc_cid=31d6ac2b8e&mc_eid=e21cf7900f

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