DUMB RETARDED NEW South Africa: It looks like WW3 from stupid COVID-19 ….


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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

I hate the term "NEW South Africa". That is what the Jews and Liberal bags of shit used to call it. Scum and traitors, liars and fools all of them. I much prefered OLD SOUTH AFRICA, APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA … WHITE RUN SOUTH AFRICA.

If this country had been under white rule, I doubt we would ever have had a lockdown. NEVER!

But we live in a dumb, idiotic, moronic, black ruled, Jew-influenced, ridiculous country.

I went out for my weekly shopping today, and grabbed a bunch of photographs that I want to show you all. Today had the fewest people I have ever seen at the shops and on the road. I suppose that people have stopped panic buying.

We will find out in less than 9 days what happens to lockdown. Latest news is that since the economy is heading straight off the cliff, I think the bag of shit, aka, Rupert, Shabos Goy, wrote an a piece on a financial website saying the whole economy is going to be destroyed, and it seems some whites, especially the weakling who runs the Western Cape, have convinced our idiotic black Jewish president, Ramaphosa, that its better to let the COVID rates go up than to totally NUKE the economy. So we’re expecting that a PARTIAL LOCKDOWN will be in place but not a FULL LOCKDOWN like now. That will help save the economy quite a bit.

But I’m not a big proponent of "let’s live for the economy only". I’m beyond that nonsense. I’ll return to that. Hitler would not have thought along those lines. The economy should be a reflection of real work and real economic activity, and not a lot of spurious Jewish garbage masquerading as an economy.

I smiled and grinned a lot when I was out and about. I don’t wear gloves or masks. I was astounded how many whites, and also a portion of the blacks were wearing masks. It was like WW3, except a stupid form of WW3, where you are protecting yourself from something totally stupid and insane.

I laughed and smiled and took a bunch of sneaky photos as I moved around. I swear, this is what a WW3 biological attack would look like … IF IT WERE REAL, and not the f*cking clown show that it is.

Bunch of idiots.

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On Youtube this was one of my videos that began to go viral, which they then stopped. I regard this as a very important old video and I have fixed audio problems and also added some additional comments to the front of this video. This audio is so important that all Christians and even non-Christians should listen to this. This is a fantastic example of how Jews will infiltrate and change virtually everything. I also discuss Zionism.

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