Does anyone know what happened to World Truth Videos?

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Video: How the Church betrayed the Boers and is directly responsible for the White Genocide
This is an absolutely brilliant video that was made in 2017. The Boers were TOTAL believers in the Bible and in Christianity. It had kept them going through the hardships of life in Africa.

My favourite White Racial video website doesn’t seem to be up. I was trying to go there, and it forced me to register. But I didn’t see all the videos I had uploaded there. It looks totally different now and I don’t see any videos.

Are all the videos gone? Or are they going to reload them on to the website?

Please drop me a line if any of you know what’s going on with WTV.

They were utterly awesome.

But I’d like to know what is going on.

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The History Reviewed Channel on Odysee
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