Did meat eating help Aryans to survive intense winters?

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One of my readers made these interesting comments about food:

I suppose it would be ideal to not have to kill higher level creatures if it can be avoided. But in a survival situation there is an advantage to having access to meat based energy. It is fast and dense, easier to digest, helps build muscle, etc. It’s possible that Aryans were able to survive winters by being able to eat meat, perhaps it helped them become who they are.

I would add to the reader’s comments that white males WERE hunting mammoths and killing them in Ice Age Europe. That is a great feat given that our populations were small. Many items have been found that were carved by white men out of mammoth ivory, including the oldest piece of art in the world, which is the Lion-man. It is over 40,000 years old.

The Aryans were tough and determined and damned innovative.

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