Dear Democrats, If You Ever Want To Elect A President


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I am writing this before election day November 3, 2020. I am going to pass on a few hints so in the future Democrats can win the presidency. I concluded back in October that Joe Biden will go down in flames. 2016 all over again. I watched the 2016 video of the Young Turks election night coverage. "Worst presidential candidate in American history." That was in response to someone on the panel jokingly suggesting they run Hillary again in 2020.

Hillary won the nomination by selling the United States to Wall Street, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese and the rest of the world when she was Secretary of State. She allowed Japan to sell food to Americans contaminated with radiation after the Fukushima meltdown. To this day America allows food to be imported into this country this is too radioactive to be sold to Canadians and Europeans.

She proceeded to donate her "Play for Pay" money to state Democratic parties to block Bernie Sanders candidacy, to fund her campaign and to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s $3 million wedding.

So what did the Democrats do in 2020? If Hillary lost despite stealing 8 million votes, maybe the Democrats could win if they steal 12 million votes for Joe Biden, a career criminal politician with a drug addicted son as a bagman. Who cares if he has dementia? Just keep him in his basement and tell your lapdog media to not ask him embarrassing questions.

And still you will wonder on election night 2020 why Biden lost.

Let’s start with Alex and George Soros being allowed to meet with and interview Barack Obama, the DNC leadership, Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrat DC Swamp Creatures in charge. If you wanted to be a party that represented American political interests, you would have not have let them choose Kamala Harris to be the next President. You would have thrown them out into the street after you called the TV news people to record the event. Headline: "Today politics in America has changed." As opposed to selecting the woman who was California’s Attorney General in 2013 and declined to prosecute the Soros owned One West Bank for bilking mostly minority subprime mortgage holders.

You used ActBlue to raise $3.5 billion from unknown sources. That website allowed donation gift cards which do not have to be traced to a legal source. You paid vote harvesters $50,000 each to harvest 5,000 absentee voter ballots. And you had more than one state political party mail out two absentee ballots to Democrats blaming it on printer errors. That is in addition to traditional Democrat vote stealing means. Voting for dead people. Allowing millions of illegal aliens to vote. And having precinct workers vote for people on election night who never bothered to show up due to a lack of enthusiasm. Mail in voting will allow you to fill out absentee ballots and hand them in after November 3rd so you can win a few states where judges allow that fraud. In Pennsylvania judges said they signatures don’t have to match those of the people requesting the ballot.

If you are raising billions, just what are you selling that is worth that much money? Oh, you sold America to criminals.

A case in point. In 2014 Dr Fauci, the NIH and Barack Obama sent a $3.7 million grant to Wuhan to make the coronavirus even more contagious. American bioterrorism law does not allow Gain of Function research to make a bioweapon more lethal. Covid-19 had begun in a lab at the University of North Carolina where it was given strands from the HIV virus. The Spike protein was engineered from SARS into Covid. This allows it to enter human cells. 4 new sequences were engineered into Covid from the HIV virus including the GP 41 envelope which is the key for HIV to infect human bodies. That is according to Dr Judy Mikovits.

Catherine Austin Fitts used to be the managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank. In 1995 she concluded that the Uber Billionaires of Wall Street had stolen so much money that they needed to commit an act of genocide to kill tens of millions of American pensioners to prevent them from living long enough to collect the money owed to them that had been stolen and replaced with worthless paper.

All these plans for evil will not prosper because the vaccines the Uber Billionaires want to give us will make us sick. If we refuse their vaccines, we will not get those chips from Bill Gates which were designed to enslave us.

All we be left with is to choose between rebellion and Civil War as our only options.

I understand America better than do Democrat Elites. Liberals would be better off with a rebellion than a Civil War. The Guardian told us Americans own 493 million guns. And 7 million own 40 or more guns. Conservatives teach 8 year-old girls to shoot an AR-15. In case of Civil War those little girls with one hillbilly mom could defeat your entire class of unarmed graduating seniors with degrees in Gender Studies looking for safe spaces.

Rebellion ought to look good to Democrats or at least better than a violent Civil War with tens of millions of dead.

Rebellion will be easy. On election night let Democrats chant, "Lock them up. Lock them up."

You lost because you were betrayed. It was Bernie voters who first chanted, "Lock her up. Lock her up" at the 2016 DNC convention in Philadelphia. Grab the nearest TV camera and start demanding the arrest of Joe and Hunter Biden for treason. Demand that Trump fire Attorney General Barr and FBI chief Wray for their failure to move against Biden. Wray had that Hunter Biden laptop for 9 months and sat on it. He was a lawyer and represented the Russian oil firm Rosneft during a Biden deal in 2006. Always end and begin with the message that we only lost the election because we were betrayed. Work with Republicans to rid your party and America of corruption and treason.

And then come the next election you can rebuild your party without corruption and treason.

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