Congress must investigate Paypal – Whites must BOYCOTT Paypal – Paypal smashes Bitchute & Mike Walsh!


[Cursed Salad posted this on Twitter. Of course we should also note: Why is it necessary for WHITES to have to operate using pseudonyms on Twitter and other social media? That alone should show everyone THAT SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG HERE IN THE WESTERN WORLD!

It turns out that BitChute received one of these damned cryptic Paypal notices. “Your a/c has been permanently limited”. Paypal is a company of shysters I tell you. They’ve banned me about 7 times now and I’ve dealt with this scum sucking company and observed how they go about their business. When they put your a/c out of action forever, they use their cryptic terminology: “Permanently limited”.

NB: When Paypal “limits” your a/c, they actually block it FOREVER. You cannot use that a/c or credit card ever again on Paypal, even if you create another a/c. 

Mike Walsh sent me an email the other day with details of what Paypal had sent him. He wondered whether he had gone over some kind of “limit”. I told him “no”, that’s just Paypal’s cryptic terminology. Paypal is actually an extremely dodgy company. That is why there is no Paypal No 2, no Paypal competition that can match it. Paypal has a legal structure that allows it to bypass many rules. It isn’t officially a bank, even though it actually acts exactly like a bank. It also isn’t a money transfer company even though it really is.

A pal of mine who knows a lot about International banking said to me, it is actually bizarre that Paypal can move monies faster and easier between banks than banks themselves can! Paypal has a weird legal structure as well.

Mike Walsh was rather mystified as to why Paypal was shutting his a/c down when all he does is write HISTORY and he does not indulge in Politics!!! This should show you that Paypal is deliberately targeting whites and their message. They are destroying everyone.

Below is Bitchute’s statement regarding what Paypal has just done to them!

It is my view that we whites must use every means possible in order to create our own Paypal free alternative. We MUST find methods of working around this. We really must rise to the challenge, no matter how hard this is.

Remember, Paypal also smashed Gab. And remember Hatreon which was going to be our Patreon? Paypal smashed them first and then later I think the banks also climbed in.


I really think people must start campaigns against Paypal. I think Paypal must be INVESTIGATED BY CONGRESS! People should start petitions against Paypal, and above all they must be hauled in front of Congress to explain their behaviour. If Congress can investigate the limiting of free speech by Youtube and Facebook, then why can’t Paypal and Google Adsense be hauled before Congress to explain why they are cutting off the monies of people?

Legally, people should be able to haul Paypal in front of court in a huge class action for the countless millions of dollars that Paypal has stopped, for whites who earned it honestly on the Internet. Jan]

2 thoughts on “Congress must investigate Paypal – Whites must BOYCOTT Paypal – Paypal smashes Bitchute & Mike Walsh!

  • 15th November 2018 at 12:48 pm

    The enemy controls too much. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Jan?

  • 15th November 2018 at 6:23 am

    Paypal is an example of Jewish monopoly. They tie up every loose end, fill up every loophole, and it’s totally sickening. It’s just like the legal system. They have total control over these areas. It’s what they were born to do, I think. It really bothers me a lot.

    I think the only way to beat the Jews is through science. If we could figure out some kind of free energy solution, we could circumvent this bullshit system of money & laws designed to destroy us whites.

    This system is totally unnatural to the way we are meant to operate; they take good things and pervert them.


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