AFRICAN EFFICIENCY: COVID-19 tests will take the S.African Govt 4,200 years to complete!


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I have been laughing so much at the total f*cking ineptitude of the bloody moronic, hateful, malicious, anti-white Govt and all the related idiocy that is coming out of this moronic lockdown.

I am very pleased by the notion of lockdown rebellion. There is serious anger brewing especially from whites.

I then saw that our "efficient African" govt is doing a lot of COVID-19 tests per day… They are boasting of doing 14,000 tests per day!

Our estimated population for South Africa in 2020 is 59 million and if we divide it by 14,000; then it turns out that the fools will take over 4,214 years to test everyone!

So if the morons-in-charge want to get the population COVID-19 tested within 1 year, then they’ll need to up their lazy ass methods so that they test: 161,643 people PER DAY! So they need to increase their testing methods by 11.5x!!!!

If they don’t move their worthless asses, we will all DIE from old age before we are tested for COVID-19.

This is a ship run by fools.

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