CIVILISATION & EVOLUTION: Europe belonged to the Neanderthals before Whites displaced them 42,000 years ago


In a science article I published about the Neanderthals and their IQ (See: ) – It mentions that Neanderthals lived in Europe from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago. Then Homo Sapiens (actually we Whites), moved in from the Caucasus mountains), and we interbred a bit with them, but ultimately we destroyed them.

The critical point here is that Whites must realise that there is no such thing as "our continent". Yes, Europe is our main homeland and that is where most of our race has lived, but in the grander scheme of things, no continent or region belongs to anyone. It belongs to whomever can conquer it. This notion like "Africa" is only for Blacks is garbage.

Similarly, we can be displaced from places we have conquered and settled in.

Life is dynamic, and evolution and progress is dynamic, and the struggle for life and growth is something we must NOT FORGET.

In the grander scheme of life, everything goes to the winner … the conqueror. If you can conquer, then it belongs to you. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, when we revisit Professor Quigley we will discuss CIVILISATION and how it advances. There are people for example who say that the hunter-gatherers had a better way of life. But the problem with their system lay in its weakness when it was faced by agricultural developments. Agriculture created a system that was stronger than the hunter-gatherers and thus they were overcome.

Now when we look at Quigley, we will see what the Elite of America believe, and then you’ll see that they believe, that this multiracial mess they are creating in the USA is a NEW AND HIGHER FORM OF CIVILISATION! Yes, that’s true. But that is a discussion we will have later. This is where these discussions become fascinating.

I of course am totally convinced that multicultural crap is big nonsense and that it is NOT a superior civilisation. Jewish lies may lie at the root of this nonsense. But we will discuss this later.

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