China’s ownership of Zoom video conferencing (alternative to Skype) has exploded due to lockdown


Just a note: Gab has issued many posts about Zoom which is a video conferencing tool I was aware of, and was thinking of using as an alternative to Skype.

I just want to make folks aware that Gab is raising many issues about Zoom and that Zoom is going through Chinese servers and then ending up on handing over private data to Jewish controlled FACEBOOK!

Gab seems to be making a big play of coming up with a Zoom alternative on Gab which will work in accordance with US privacy laws.

I hope this happens. It will be nice.

But in the meantime Zoom is there as an option. I’m not too freaked out by Zoom. I’ve not used it for any of my interviews and chats. However, I am looking for a platform that we can use.

I hope Gab can come up with something reliable. It would be nice. Otherwise, we need to look around and assess alternatives.

Even the FBI has issued warnings about Zoom.

I’ll post all the stuff below from Gab.

To the Gab Community,

It’s obvious that we now live in a new world. A world where businesses, churches, and schools all think about gathering and working together in new ways. Online communication, social distancing, and remote work is our shared reality. The tools that power this new world have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that people can speak freely and securely online with friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

In wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the video conferencing software Zoom has exploded in popularity with daily active users jumping from 10 million to over 200 million in just three months. Tens of thousands of businesses, schools, churches, and organizations around the world are now using Zoom as a primary way to communicate and work remotely.

As you’ll soon learn, this isn’t a good thing for many reasons. According to the Intercept, Zoom has over 700 employees in China. The company admited that data was “mistakenly” routed through Chinese servers. This is a national security issue and members of Congress are now calling for an investigation. Schools in New York have banned Zoom from being used. The list of concerns goes on, as you’ll read in the articles below.

Gab has been following the horrific news about Zoom’s many problems and decided it was time for someone to step up and build an American made alternative based right here in the United States of America. We spent the last week working around the clock to build an incredible product that we know you’re going to love.

Our new videoconferencing service will extend all users the full protection of U.S. data privacy law.

We will not, now or ever, censor content on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch your inbox for our launch announcement over the next few days.

In the meantime share these articles with a friend who uses Zoom.

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Want to support our efforts in building an American made alternative to Zoom?


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