Canada: Rescind the Grant, Withdraw the Bigotted Anti-Hate Booklet, CAFE Tells Somali Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen

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[Paul Fromm in Canada runs CAFE, which is Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression. This is what he's been up to, taking on a diversity non-White Minister in Canada. (I find it crazy that AFRICANS are government ministers in Canada, Britain, etc. It's insane. Where the hell are the Whites? Paul Fromm FIGHTS BACK in Canada! Nice! Jan]

Here’s the article:

Supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression picketed the constituency office of "Diversity" Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali refugee and dual citizen, this afternoon. They demanded that he rescind a recent grant to the anti-free speech lobby group, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network for the production of a booklet to combat "hate" in the schools but which is really of guidebook for suppressing politically incorrect ideas among students, even urging kids to rat on other kids.

As people from neighbouring stores and houses gathered around and largely agree with the protesters, an employee locked the office door and fled. CAFE left its press statement and a few placards for the employee when she feels safe to return.

"Diversity" Minister Ahmed Hussen has given the militantly anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network $268,400 to produce a book for schools to fight hate. The book is sloppy and contains not a word about radical Islam. "Hate" has a specific meaning in the Criminal Code. Virtually none of the groups or views they smear as "hate" has ever been charged let alone found guilty under the law. "Hate" really means views or opinions the Canadian Anti-Hate Network hates. Those include the Red Ensign and Donald Trump.

"It is outrageous Ahmed Hussen who was welcomed as a refugee would so repay Canadians by funding this bigotted attack on free speech," said CAFE Director Paul Fromm. The booklet lists opinions the Canadian Anti-Hate Network finds unacceptable and urges teachers and students to try to suppress them. For instance, Gay Pride, Black Pride, Latino Pride are all good, but Euro-Pride of White Pride are "hate" and to be banished from schools

"Listing the Red Ensign as a "hate" symbol, the flag Canadian soldiers fought under in two world wars — this included my parents who both served under this flag — is an insult to Canadian history," Mr. Fromm added/

"We will demand:

  1. That the grant be rescinded

  2. That the booklet be withdrawn and not distributed to educators

  3. That the minister apologize for the smear against the Red Ensign that was our country’s flag. Whether this smear was made out of ignorance or malice toward Old Stock Canadians, HOW DARE HE?’ Mr. Fromm concluded

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