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Video: S.Africa: 1 Boer fights 2 Blacks like a Boss!
The Whites in SA are not dead. Don‘t write off the Boers. You‘ve not seen the last of the Boers yet.

Just a note. Alex Linder was telling me about this and one of my supporters sent me a note.
Alex said that Bitcoin cash was invented to do more high volume transactions and it has a lower fee structure. A supporter of mine confirmed this below:

I just heard about this, and there is a local meetup here weekly.
It looks like something we may be able to use. You need to see
if you can convert the Bitcoin Cash back into your bank account
locally. At this point I don’t know anything about it, so you might
see if it can work for you locally. They claim the fees are low, but
we need to see if there is any jew or govt in the transactions.

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Video: Can 50 million Blacks kill 4 million Whites in 2 weeks?
I did an insane amount of Military Academic work in order to answer this question. In here, youll see something totally unique. I explain why I think several Blacks did research into this and what was their inspiration for coming to this conclusion, as well as the horrific ideas they have in store for us. I also demonstrate, what an all out race war would be like if it raged across South Africa. The answers may surprise you.

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