AWESOME: Dylann Roof’s prime target: A Black State Senator whom he killed FIRST! Political Assassination!


[People who want to criticise the actions of Dylann Roof ignore a most interesting fact. It is that Dylann Roof looked for and went on to kill a black state Senator among his other “victims”. I’m the only Rhodesian in the world who supports what Dylann did. What Dylann did is a tiny bit of revenge for some of the horrors that whites have experienced here in Africa.

There are those who like to criticise Dylann, and who are angry because he killed “innocent victims”. They hypocritically overlook the 80,000+ innocent whites murdered in South Africa alone since black rule, not to mention the whites that have been murdered by blacks in the USA. Here we have a very RARE occasion, where a White man hits back racially. Meanwhile blacks, at the instigation of Jews, have been hitting us whites for DECADES racially.

What Dylann did was fantastic, given his meagre personal resources. Of course, the greatest white act of racial revenge is the Norwegian, the Viking, Anders Breivik, who showed us whites the way!

I always have a really good laugh at this motivational and inspirational poster of Breivik. I just love the way he laughs! This should be inspiration to all white men, of what we must do to those who are our racial enemies!

And here is the Viking, Breivik doing what is clearly a NAZI/Roman Army salute!

One of my supporters was kind enough to give me the details of the black State Senator whom Dylann Roof removed from this world.

He is Clementa C. Pinckney. So Dylann did indeed kill a black who had a high position in Govt. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, this was NOT AN ACCIDENT. Dylann was deliberately hunting for him. On Wikipedia it says this: On the night of June 17, 2015, Pinckney was killed in the Charleston church shooting.[21] He spent the earlier part of that day campaigning with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Charleston.[42] That evening, he led a Bible study and prayer session at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where he was senior pastor. The shooter, Dylann Roof, specifically asked for Pinckney and later opened fire on the congregation, killing Pinckney and eight others.[43] While the FBI investigated the mass shooting as a hate crime,[3][44] many others considered the attack a racially motivated act of terrorism, and criticized law enforcement and the media for not labeling it as such.[45][46]


So this black was working with Hillary Clinton. Ah! The Clinton Body Count! The Clintons … the lowest form of life in US politics. Anyone who kills a friend of Hillary Clinton, is definitely a friend of mine!

There must be a specific reason why Dylann was targetting this black. If Dylann was this specific, then maybe Pinckney was his prime reason for going to that church? I would like to know a lot more about what Dylann has said about this during the trial. As with other important trials, like the Schaefer trial in Germany, we just aren’t getting enough information. It sounds to me as if this black must have specifically drawn the ire of Dylann. His association with Clinton definitely interests me. What has Pinckney said that might have drawn Dylann’s attention?

Another interesting item that I came across was that during the shooting Dylann even spoke to one of the blacks. Here is an excerpt, from Pinckney’s wife:-

Quivering with fear beneath a desk, Jennifer Pinckney and her 6-year-old daughter held each other tight and placed their hands over each other’s mouths.

Silence was essential. A killer was stalking the church basement just outside the office in which they were hiding, firing gunshot after gunshot.

During a break in the rampage, Pinckney heard the killer speak to one of his victims.

“I’m not crazy,” he said, separated from Pinckney by a locked door. “I have to do this.”

Eighteen months later, the killer repeated that same sentiment to a jury considering whether he should be put to death or imprisoned for life as punishment for the massacre of nine worshipers at Emanuel A.M.E. Church on June 17, 2015.

So Dylann told them, “I’m not crazy, I have to do this!” Dylann Roof was doing the work of a white warrior. White men are known for being cold blooded killers. That is indeed what we are, and we must do the ugly work that needs to be done in creating civilisation and a future for our race.

Two separate investigations into Dylann’s mental health came back confirming that Dylann is 100% mentally OK! He did what he did, because he believed in it.

Most importantly, Pinckney was Dylann’s first “victim”. This is just more proof that Pinckney was Dylann’s key target. 

To those who hypocritically say that Dylann Roof was only hunting out the “innocent” and not making a “political statement” – you’re wrong. Dylann made his political statement very clearly by popping that black state senator. Like Breivik, Dylann was daring to send a message that 99.999% of us other white males would never send. So 14/88 for our hero Dylann Storm Roof!!! Jan]

Here is the rest of the article, and I’m very pleased that these blacks experienced pain, and outright TERROR at the hands of a young white male! Its something they have not experienced enough of:-

Pinckney wondered if a generator had exploded, unaware that her husband had just been shot and killed at point blank range as he stood to pray, the first of Roof’s victims. She rose to investigate the noise, grabbing a door handle to leave the room, but then quickly abandoned the plan, realizing the noises she had heard were actually gunshots.

She took her hand off the door handle and grabbed her daughter. Retreating to a secretary’s office beside the pastor’s study, she shoved her daughter under a desk, closing and locking a door behind them.

Gunshots continued to ring throughout the basement.

To impress upon her daughter the seriousness of their predicament, the gentle mother suddenly turned fierce.

“I just got real firm with her,” said Pinckney. “‘Shut up, don’t say anything, you’ve got to be quiet.’”

Pinckney contemplated making a run for help. She instructed her daughter to stay put and to pass along a message of love to the Pinckneys’ other daughter, Eliana, who had stayed home with her grandmother that evening.

“Tell your sister that I love her,” said Jennifer Pinckney.

More gunshots sounded. Bullets ripped through walls and entered the office. Pinckney dived under the desk with her daughter.

“Momma, is Daddy going to die?” asked Malana.

“Be quiet,” said her mother. “Don’t say anything.”

Jennifer Pinckney grabbed a cellphone lying on top of the desk but was unable to use it to call for help.

More gunshots blasted through the basement.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Jennifer Pinckney told her daughter in a panic, putting her hand over Malana’s mouth.

The 6-year-old reciprocated the gesture, covering her mother’s mouth with her small hand. Mother and daughter shook with fear.

Jennifer Pinckney heard sounds of people running outside the room, and then heard Roof speak, claiming not to be crazy.

Then Roof tried to open the door to the room concealing the mother and daughter.

“A chill completely went over me,” testified Jennifer Pinckney, “I felt, ‘This is it for us.’”

But instead of trying to burst through the locked office door, Roof left the church, a door chime indicating his exit.

Pinckney soon mustered the courage to leave the desk and locate her husband’s cellphone in the office. She called 911 and stayed on the line until police arrived and knocked the office door down, entering with guns drawn.

As the police helped the surviving Pinckneys leave the church, a female officer told Malana they would play a game with two simple rules: Malana would bury her face in the officer’s shoulder and shut her eyes tight.

“I’m just gonna carry you out of here. Just keep your eyes closed,” the officer said as she whisked Malana out of the church.

Jennifer Pinckney followed her daughter, stepping over pools of blood as she left, convinced her husband had died.

On Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Richardson asked Jennifer Pinckney why she thought she and her daughter escaped without physical harm.

“Wasn’t my time or my daughter’s time,” said Jennifer Pinckney. “God is a just God and I don’t see God taking both parents away from two small kids. Malana and I could also have been victims and gotten killed, and Eliana would have lost both her parents and her sister.”

Acting as his own attorney, Roof elected not to cross-examine Jennifer Pinckney, nor the two friends of Clementa Pinckney who followed the widow on the witness stand. He spent much of the court proceedings staring straight ahead, without emotion, even when the rest of the courtroom erupted in laughter a handful of times during witnesses’ lighthearted recollections of Pinckney and his quirks.

Following the testimony concerning Clementa Pinckney, prosecutors called to the stand the Rev. Anthony Thompson, husband of shooting victim Myra Thompson. He is the fourth of 38 possible witnesses prosecutors may call as they seek to inform the jury about the nine lives that Roof extinguished.

The sentencing phase of Roof’s trial continues Thursday.


8 thoughts on “AWESOME: Dylann Roof’s prime target: A Black State Senator whom he killed FIRST! Political Assassination!

  • 22nd October 2018 at 7:57 pm

    *Roof’s actions

  • 22nd October 2018 at 7:55 pm

    *Roof’s actions* ( fucking spell check)

  • 22nd October 2018 at 11:46 am

    frankly to claim that you “supports what Dylann did.” is really just dumb. to say you sympathise or empathise or understand his reasons and motivations is one thing but because of his actions we lost i know of his manifesto almost word for word, i totally understand what he wanted to achieve but i think he failed miserably and we lost one great fighter in the prome of his life. i mean really the guys just a kid when he did this, imagine if he did something smarter while finding himself a worthy woman and making a family of woke children to also fight?

    im sorry, i support dylann, i absolutely understand what he did and why people today feel like he did but please brothers (and sisters) we cant afford to lose a single one of you, if you are feeling this way please reach out to someone you can trust that can funnel your anger into something productive both for yourself and our movement. the only minds dylann changed were the ones against us to be even more against us, only people who already agree with us can understand the deeper issues he was trying to fight against but there are better ways than destroying your own life.

    and just for the record, i have explained to people why he did what he did and why if he just targeted trash people it would have been better, no, the whole point of attacking “good black people in church” is exactly because this is the type of people who get attacked by blacks constantly, blacks dont just target “bad whites” they target the easiest targets which is often old white people who cant defend themselves

    please be careful of how you word things like this, you could end up doing a lot of harm to not only our movement but also to the young minds struggling with ways to deal with this avalanche we are under

    • 22nd October 2018 at 7:53 pm

      I totally understand where you are coming from, but I feel I have to ask a question on this matter..Specifically, just how is it that our enemies who are against us, somehow going to be made even more against us, when they’ve been planning our extermination all these years, long before Dylan Roof was ever even born??
      Your logic is fundamentally flawed I believe, because it is clouded by your emotions.
      It’s fine that you take the position that you wouldn’t do what he did, but as far as Food’s actions making our enemies be more against us than they already were, I find that conclusion to be fundamentally non sequitur because it doesn’t flow logically from the facts that preceded this event.

      • 22nd October 2018 at 11:01 pm

        forget the enemies and traitors, its the ones we can wake up that are our lifeblood. the important thing is getting others on our side not to directly fight back. whites are only a tiny 6% world wide, we need everyone we can if we are going to get anywhere not just a tiny fringe of people who will act without thinking.

        i have a great pic i love posting elsewhere that shows not only are 10% of people favourable to our ideas in general but if you know anything about 1920-1930’s germany you will know that only 10% of germans were in favour of hitler almost 100 years ago and a few short years later over 99% were in favour of him. if you think about how people like identity evropa guys are doing things not only are they clean cut good people but they are gettting out doing things to win people over but more importantly they are getting people into office who can actually begin changing laws etc in our favour. just how do you think jews at only less than 2% of the population managed to get everything against us in the beginning back when we were 90% of the population?

        this is my one criticism of roof, not only did he throw his own life away but his actions turned off many many people from our cause of white well being. if you think killing 9 worthless blacks had any positive effects anywhere you have totally underestimated our real problem. if every white person alive killed 9 blacks then were taken out of the fight like he did we would all be gone and there would still be billions of blacks….

        whites didnt get to where we are in history by being as stupid as blacks, we have an advantage over them and acting just like them means we will only lose to them

        • 26th October 2018 at 12:06 am

          You wrote: “if every white person alive killed 9 blacks then were taken out of the fight like he did we would all be gone and there would still be billions of blacks….”

          REALITY: If every White person alive IN WHITE-Founded WHITE-built countries killed 9 blacks, the blacks infesting our countries would all be dead and a majority of Whites would still be alive to celebrate.

          Better Yet: If every White person alive killed one jew ….

          • 26th October 2018 at 7:14 am

            now you are kinda getting my point, even if you did murder every black in your country there are still billions more and the (((elites))) who rule over us will just demand we need more of them to replace not only the now dead slave class but they need even more htan before to also replace all the whites who are now on death row or prison for the rest of their lives and thus out of the workforce

            your ideology is just harming everyone involved not just yourself, this was my original point

            and this say NOTHING about our brothers in europe let alone south africa who still need our help. if we are going to survive as a species doing things to harm ourselves is just retarded

          • 26th October 2018 at 4:14 pm

            You, nosdan, are wrong. In fact, you are absurdly, seemingly deliberately, wrong.

            If enough of our White males would MAN UP and kill enemies, WE would no longer allow jew rule.

            Your “ideology,” as you put it, is the take-no-action LOSER ideology, letting jews continue to increase their stranglehold on us while they’re killing us toward extinction.

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