Australian Lady writes to me about Jews, Catholics – White Race’s No 1 priority should be CHILDREN


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This is well said. This sums up what is valid and allowed in South Africa.

An exchange between myself and an Australian lady:Dear Jan, … I keep you in my prayers everyday. My prayers seem to have good success for other people. I get told this often by those I pray for. It is horrible what you are going through with that disgusting legal system and the evil jews. Filthy scum cry about getting their feelings hurt. Pathetic. I like the terms you use to describe our enemies and it makes me smile. Since I am a lady I try not to swear. I am back in contact with my teenage NS friend from my Latin Mass church. I told him that if I had a son I would wish him to be like him. (I have no children sadly.) He is amazingly knowledgeable and he knows your websites. Fine example of our race. Since I am not going to my church anymore … I love the Traditional Latin Mass and the Trad Catholics. I am a racialist and sedevacantist though. Catholics won the battle of Lepanto 1571 by praying the Rosary and killing the Muslims. Now most Catholics want to sit around clutching their Rosaries waiting for Jesus to return. Mining is good in Australia but most of the minerals are sent overseas. South Australia has abundant uranium and the state would be perfect for nuclear power. People want it but the government is too weak. There is so much quality coal but it is sent overseas to our enemies like China while our coal fired power stations are being closed due to climate change idiots. I look forward to more videos on South Africa, race war or any other topic you choose. Regards

My reply to her:
It’s nice to have some frank, white on white discussions instead of cringing in a corner. That is just not what our people are like, and I don’t think in our entire history on earth, that we’ve been this cucked where we are afraid of speaking the truth. How hideously stupid. But JEWS are the key to this nonsense. Race of filth.

I am very delighted to see some woke Australians. My South African friend in Oz tells me that people are so brainwashed there and so wildly politically correct. He says its terrible. This is sad because white Australians have achieved so much and should be so proud of themselves. I quietly smirk to myself that Australians were purportedly, the scum of Britain, and they’ve created a finer nation than the Brits who are constantly under Jewish Rothschild control. All of Britain probably exists in order to serve the Rothschilds. Their unbelievable wealth, which must run into the trillions of US Dollars is of course all hidden. The super rich hide their wealth in their own personal banks which are falled "family offices". The British are the No 1 people doing this.

I’m glad to hear about your NS friend.

I’m sorry to hear that you have no children. Neither do I. Its truly a hideous sin I tell you. It should be every white woman’s desire and man’s desire to have the most enormous families we can manage. A century ago, Boers were having a dozen on rare occasions, even more children. An Irishman told me that the Irish even had up to 17 children. Truly, we must throw all caution to the wind as a race and make CHILDREN OUR NO 1 Racial priority, with NO HOLDS BARRED. Given the state of modern science, I don’t see why any couple can’t on average have 10+ children? The real issue is economic. I’ll return to this later. NS is the only sane way to live actually.

Thank you for your prayers. Even though I don’t believe, I know that people mean well in their hearts and some of my friends here in SA also pray for me, and I’m grateful for the kindness.

I read your comments on Catholicism with interest. Clearly the ceremonies have an affect on you. We need beauty in some of the things we create. It feeds one’s "soul".

I like your comments about the Battle of Lepanto. I have a massive book on it that I bought years ago and I read it from cover to cover. Once I’ve got past the critical stuff I want to tell whites, especially the race war stuff, which can still take several months, I do want to return to other aspects of history. Lepanto is to me the single greatest thing that Christians ever did for our race or Europe. And it is actually a fascinating tale of much failure and many things going wrong again and again and eventually, this thing comes together after years of struggle and in 8 hours whites change 500 years of European history for the better. Lepanto is actually the greatest feat of the Christians ever, because it really helped our race. It was truly an amazing story. Its full of colour I might add. Yet, people don’t appreciate that battle.

However, we European peoples need to begin winning the strategic edge again and stop cowering like babies.

I realy your comments on nuclear power with interest. I am a big fan of nuclear power and there’s a very cool story from South Africa I must tell about nuclear power one day. These Liberals and Jews are totally stuffing up the Western world with their junk. I’m so sick of them. They are retarding and massively damaging the growth of the power of the West.

Finally, I too only learned recently about Australia’s incredible mining industry. Australia is now far beyond what South Africa was at its peak. I wonder what value Australia has. And I remember hearing from my South African friend that there is a Jewish Rabbi who is a billionaire in mining in Australia. So sad.

I was happy to see that Australia and Japan and the USA and others intend to try and oppose Chinese power. You Australians should not hesitate to chuck nukes on China, and I’m sure the Japanese would enjoy assisting you.

The future can be so bright if we were led properly.

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