Auctioneer Receives Death Threats From Jews After European Jew Pays $1.1 Million For Hitler’s Gold Watch – My Comments

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[I am sad to hear that a worthless sack of shit Jew actually bought Hitler's Gold Watch. The Fuhrer's property does not belong in the hands of these low life pieces of shit. If the auctioneer had any class or racial pride he would have REFUSED TO SELL TO THE JEW AT ANY PRICE. No dirty Jew should own anything that came from Hitler or the NAZIS. Swine don't deserve high quality White racial objects. Jan]

(Washington Post via MSN) Instead of being purchased by a “neo-Nazi” — as many Jewish groups feared — Adolf Hitler’s personal engraved gold wristwatch was purchased at auction by anonymous “European Jew” — according to the president of the auction house:

A watch that belonged to Adolf Hitler was sold this week at a Maryland auction house for $1.1 million — well below the $2 million to $4 million price range the auctioneers had projected, and despite the objections of the Jewish community.

The sale of the Huber watch was listed as being completed Thursday at Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Md. The auction house says the watch was probably given to the Nazi leader on his birthday in 1933, then seized by a French soldier in 1945 from Hitler’s vacation home in the Bavarian Alps. Alexander Historical Auctions has stressed its authenticity, pointing to appraisals from watch experts and historians.

The watch was auctioned as part of a catalogue including a blue dress that belonged to Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun; signed pictures and correspondence of Nazi officials; and other items belonging to the Nazi leader. The auctions were criticized Thursday in an open letter signed by 34 Jewish leaders, who accused the auction house of “abhorrent” transactions that were overriding the “memory, suffering and pain of others” for financial gain.

In a phone interview, Alexander Historical Auctions’ president, Bill Panagopulos, said he appreciates the Jewish leaders’ views, though he found them frustrating. He said the buyer — whose identity Panagopulos declined to reveal — is a European Jew.

“Many people donate [Nazi artifacts] to museums and institutions, as we have done,” he said in a separate emailed statement. “Others need the money, or simply choose to sell. That is not our decision.” The sale has led to death threats sent to him and his family, Panagopulos said.

Hitler’s ‘weapon of mass destruction’ was hidden for decades. This weekend somebody bought it.

The Maryland auction house has sold other Nazi memorabilia in the past, including a Hitler Youth dagger that fetched $120 in 2016 and a Nazi flag that sold for $260 three years earlier.

Jews have always been among the more avid dealers and collectors of authentic “Nazi” memorabilia — while Jewish advocacy groups and media make it seem like only “knuckle-dragging, trailer-trash “neo-Nazis” who live in their parents’ basements” would collect such items.

Your average skinhead “neo-Nazi” doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to drop on some of these items — let alone a million dollars for Hitler’s watch.

For example, in 2011 this very same auction house — Alexander Historical Auctions — sold Josef Mengele’s personal diaries — to another “anonymous Jewish buyer” for around $250,000.

And, of course, there will always be crazed, unhinged Jews who leave anonymous death threats when they don’t get their way — the long-standing modus operandi of Jewish supremacy groups, like the ultra-violent Jewish Defense League.

Clearly, the wealthy Jew who bought Hitler’s gold watch knows just how dangerous and pathologically vengeful his fellow Jews are — which is why he insisted that his identity not be revealed to the public.


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