ATTENTION: WHITES: Fight like the Europeans we all are: GIVE UP NOTHING! STOP WHITE FLIGHT!

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This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

[This is from an email I sent to a very nice southerner I visited in the USA in 2019. He showed me the tremendous amount of White flight in the city he lived in. This was my email to him and others. Jan]

Nice. Very nice. Pushing back is critical. In the corporate world here I learned to fight every battle tooth and nail for years until they had to gang up against me to destroy me. It’s the only way.

Whites must stop running. In the USA, as you yourself showed me, White Flight is RAMPANT. This needs to stop. Blood and Soil. Dig in and make them fight for every inch Hitler’s way.
there is no other way. Retreat is insane. Whites in the USA need to be turned around. Everyone needs to fight for every inch. Hitler’s logic is the only thing that makes sense.

Interestingly, here in Johannesburg where several suburbs were the homes of all these Jews, like Hillbrow, Yeoville, Bramley, Greenside, and others … in the suburbs where the Jews lived they are now totally black. It is due to the Jews always being on the run. MOST OF SOUTH AFRICA’S JEWS HAVE LEFT IN THE LAST 30 years!!! This is a fact, and finally I’m seeing the statistics. More than 66% of the Jews in SA actually have left. But they kept it a big secret. I only began hearing of it 10+ years ago and the Jewish population continues to drop at a nice pace. Within 30 years there will be hardly any Jews in SA. The Jews fought the Blacks and the blacks actually have won except for our President Ramaphosa who himself has converted to Judaism. But Ramaphosa is FAILING left, right and centre. Ramaphosa is now trying to loot ALL THE PENSION FUNDS THAT ARE LEFT IN SOUTH AFRICA. I don’t think he will get it right. If he does it will be a great disaster for the whites. But I don’t think he’ll get away with it. The whites are not idiots, despite being few in number.

Returning to PUSH BACK: The suburbs that have remained the most white are the ones where the non-Jews have hung in there. In fact, the places that have remained the most white are where the Boers/Afrikaners are. In parts of Pretoria, the suburbs are very white – in the capital of black run South Africa – you’ll find an amazing number of whites!


All of us must fight back and push back TOOTH AND NAIL… every inch. Be like those Germans … don’t give an inch, and make them bleed for every inch.

But the suburbs in Johannesburg where the easy living Jewish filth lived, and then ran away from the country … These places are 100% black and totally lost. Its like walking around in Nigeria. Shattered and broken because Jews run and nobody stays. But where common whites, EVEN POOR WHITES, stand firm and stand their ground, the whites have done the best. Even POOR WHITES do very well.

Push back, FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH OF EVERY TOWN, CITY… Give up NOTHING! Fight like the Europeans that we all are.

Don’t give up the fantastic works of your ancestors.

Heil Hitler!

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