Attention: For Whites new to the Internet & White CODES for Jews…

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Video: General Von Manstein: Advice on HOPELESS sitations for Nations
Many Whites have told me that our situation is hopeless in all our nations including here in S.Africa. In this video I take a look at brilliant White men who lived through the hell of war and what they thought about hopeless and desperate situations. What did these men think who had spent years of their lives handling desperate, dangerous and hopeless situations.

A note: American pro-white activists, being under pressure in the last decade, developed a code, for when they wanted to mention Jews at work. The code works like this, and you will see it used on the social media and the internet, and it is a signal to whites that Jews are involved in something. Because Jews hijack organisation, positions, etc and then pretend to be that … the code for it is like this: (((Liberals))) or (((Communists))) or (((Conservatives))). The code is to surround the word with 3 brackets. When you see that, it means, for example, the “Liberals” are actually Jews faking it as Liberals. I will be using this in some of the material I pass on, and its something you can look for in the social media as well. Those brackets basically imply: “Hidden inside or hidden behind” these are Jews.

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Video: STOP FARM MURDERS!!! Black Politicians are directly responsible for Farm Murders!
This is a short video I did which quickly gives you some background into farm murders and why I, and others say that Farm Murders are caused directly by black politicians. Here are many facts about Farm Murders in South Africa that you dont know!

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