Americans: Are you tired of the constant race baiting?


To all Friends of Willis Carto May 7, 2021

If you are tired of the race-baiting on the evening news, take to heart that it is only the symptom of the times right now. It is important that all thinking Americans sort out what is being thrown at them, day after day. Finding books on the subject of race is easy. Just go to Amazon and search for books and you will be amazed at the selections listed until you try to place an order. At that point valuable books about race are identified as books “not being carried at this time.” It seems puzzling since our media giants are very fond of calling Whites racist, Jim Crow-sneaks, hateful unless we march with Black Lives Matter. If books about race prove their point, why not sell them to show how wrong conservative readers are? Makes one wonder where all those racist parents are hiding. After all someone was buying and reading race books for a long time. The schools have been in the hater’s control for 50 years at least. The haters are of course the instructors and schoolmasters, not the innocents who place their children into the hands of White haters.

Two very interesting books need to be mentioned. One is Jim Crow’s Defense: Anti-Negro Thought in America l900-1930. Since Jim Crow has been bandied around lately, perhaps people will realize that he was not a person but was the established rule of law for the Southern states. Applied it meant SEPARATE but EQUAL. Since there was only one Democratic Party in the South, it was established that only white Southerners could be party members and were allowed to vote. Schools and all kinds of institutions kept to these laws as well. Fair or not, everyone has to decide that for themselves. We can take notice that todays’ Democrats are continuing to reverse their former rules. Under their political agenda White is now out and Black is in. Unless a person follows these rules, try running as a White Democrat for office next year without kneeling first to BLM and others of their tribe. Jim Crow in reverse?

The other interesting book I just came across in my husband’s library brings back the good times that we all enjoyed once. The title is Race and Reason, A Yankee View by Carleton Putnam published in 1961. Expounding strong opposition on decisions made by the Supreme Court in the 1960s to desegregate, Mr. Putnam took a stand and wrote a book. He found much support from politicians on the Right. Senators Russell Long, Harry F. Byrd, Strom Thurmond and others endorsed his book. Read the interesting history of Carleton Putnam: He was the founder and president of DeltaAirlines! Amazon printed a blurb when they were still carrying his book stating that “Race and Reason is a question and answer format book dealing with race , racial differences and which answers every liberal argument and counter argument with passion.”

We all know that Delta Airlines just dealt a blow to the inhabitants of the State of Georgia condemning that state’s recently revised voting law, which actually will be fair and good for all voters. The Black Life Matters crowd were joined by over 100 corporate CEOs panning the law. No doubt most of the busy executive were not aware of what it meant and that is was a lie to smear the whole state of Georgia. Biden verbally stamped the Jim Crow lie on Georgia’s revisions. Aware of the many endorsements the Putnam book received in the l960s it becomes clear this was the circle of friends Biden was partial to all his years in office. Best buddy was Sen. Byrd who was a fine Southern politician. We wonder if Biden ever misses to good old times! We certainly do.

Some friends need to refresh their reading skills and I suggest that they spend some time with the following items from website. Would these published articles find current space in our “news” media? They are by four different authors.

Memorial Day is approaching. Please read For Whom Did the Bell Toll, byWillisas well.

Thank you.

Elisabeth Carto

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