American writes to me: Race is the biggest RED PILL I’ve had to take… Whites on a losing streak


Here’s an interesting set of comments from an American reader to me:

Jan, I’ve only recently stumbled upon your content and have greatly been enjoying many of the articles and videos. Obviously, in the wake of the current race war brewing in the States, I began looking deeper into certain things and found this site. I understand you’ve been basically blacklisted by this point, and I’m not in the least surprised. I have to say, taking the race pill has probably been the biggest red pill I’ve ever swallowed. I’ve realized that us whites have been on about a century long losing streak and how unnatural that is for our race. It’s becoming apparent to me that once our numbers in the West have dwindled far enough that it’ll be open season. I wish there were a faster and more efficient way to organize, but I suppose nature will take its course and more people will begin waking up – or perish.

My Thoughts:
Now look at his comments and how this "brewing race war" in the USA, which I very much doubt will happen, is what forced him to hunt on the Internet and thus he found my site. This is the GOOD SIDE of what the Jews and Blacks are doing. The more trouble they stoke, the most whites they will inadvertently wake up!!!

All is good. Let the Jews and Blacks stoke racial trouble in the USA … it’s going to work for us!

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