American Election Fraud: Why the punishment for election fraud should be DEATH!

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A good old friend and I were chatting today. I have pointed out in the past that the entire purpose of an election is as a replacement for CIVIL WAR. An election is nothing more than a "bloodless ritual" intended to replace ACTUAL KILLING. You will find that power shifts at any time in history in any race always included BATTLE. Then along came democracy, which itself is a fragile thing. But even in the Roman Empire, democracy would break down, and when it did, then there was a BLOODY CIVIL WAR. This happened many times.

The USA is heading straight down the path of ever more extreme polarization, which eventually will lead to killing and civil war or to the Balkanisation and secession and breakup of parts of it.

2020 has already seen political killing done by BLM and antifa.

So when DEMOCRACY BREAKS DOWN … then the ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS TO PHYSICALLY FIGHT UNTIL SOMEONE EMERGES AT THE TOP. In the Roman Empire this included physical battle, and hectic bloody fighting.

So my friend commented to me: Since the breakdown of a PEACEFUL PROCESS of power shift, leads to ACTUAL DEATH in its worst form … we should therefore not take electoral fraud lightly. He said that the proper punishment for electoral fraud should therefore be Capital Punishment – DEATH.

I think it’s not an unreasonable position.

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