All Whites are Germans now: Jewish anti-German propaganda in Germany … lies about Germans, lies about Whites


[A German lady wrote this in the comments section of the site. And it matches up with the general narrative against whites. e.g. There is no white race … the white race does not exist… But blacks exist as a race, and Jews are tested as a race by DNA in Israel… yet whites are not a race. This ties up with my own observations that we are all "Germans" now, because what has happened to the Germans is now happening to all Whites (European Race). To me this matches the whole psychological warfare attack on whites everywhere. Jews are always at the top, looking to divide whites and break whites apart. I feel sorry for the modern Germans. But, they can talk tall because they did their UTMOST to stop the Jews from winning WW2. They did their utmost man. Jan]

The lady wrote:

Everything is anti-German in Deutschland, especially the shitty state-run media outlets! One documentary was telling Germans that they really never existed and that the "mysterious slavs" are our forebears, and that all of central and eastern Germany was practically devoid of people – sheesh – what a bunch of tripe!

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