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[This is an American Christian explaining why he believes that Melinda Gates is leaving Bill Gates. While I agree that she has her problems and issues, I am certain it is deeper than just Marxist Feminism and that Gates himself got up to really naughty stuff. I still think the core issue may relate to him and the Jewish paedophile Epstein and perhaps a few other issues. Gates himself is a nerd who cannot command the respect of a woman. All White males, ALL OF US, are too weak actually. This needs to change. We can't command the respect, nor love of women by being weak. This is very important. Bill Gates believes in all kinds of nonsense himself. My key interest remains the Jewish paedophile Epstein. Because he was involved with a lot of people including Gates and even Trump. There was some dirty naughty shit going on. The upper classes are infused with Jewish nonsense and weird Jewish quirks and crap. Jan]


Hi David,

I remember, during a trip to Washington D.C. in 1992 on visiting the Washington Cathedral apart from all the Freemasonry symbols in the cathedral, what shocked me the most in the library was the huge volume of Christian Feminism books there, and how Marxist Feminism had infiltrated the American Christian Church. So this trend towards Marxist Feminism has been going on for a long time.

As we all know among those of us who have studied Marxism, among the first goals of Marxism is the primary goal to destroy Christian marriage, the family unit and also the education of children by transferring them from the parents to childcare centres from birth, and then lest we forget the goal is to abolish gender and the Biblical responsibilities of male and female and husband and wife – which of course the goal of Marxist Feminism aims to destroy.

Hence, although this presenter does not know how New Zealand Marxist Feminist and Lesbian, Marilyn Waring, has PROFOUNDLY influenced Melinda Gates to divorce her husband, he has correctly identified how the results of this inspiration behind the scenes has occurred and manifested itself, as she has increasingly aspired to repudiate true Christianity and the tenets of the Bible, and has replaced these laws with the aspirations of Marx, deeply promoted by Marilyn Waring in her book, IF WOMEN COUNTED and later discussed in Melinda Gates’ own 2019 book, ‘THE MOMENT OF LIFT: HOW EMPOWERING WOMEN CHANGES THE WORLD’. Of course, little do they know that this frail role of women in positions of Marxist leadership is going to fail, when more and more people get disillusioned with women in leadership roles, setting up a period of global chaos, out of which the masses will repudiate this gender abomination and turn back to A MAN to come and save them – unfortunately, he will be the prophesied MAN OF SIN.

However, it is a fascinating subject isn’t it. And proves, no matter how much money a person has, he or she is just as gullible as anybody else, as is Melinda, and of course Bill too, for having made such a bad choice in the first place, when clearly he forgot to do his homework on her feministic traits which clearly existed, I suspect, when he first met her.


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