2 Pagan Emperors: Hitler & Napoleon

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I’m busy studying Napoleon’s personal memoirs. They make for fascinating reading but they are huge.

I was unaware, or I had probably forgotten, that wherever Napoleon went, even on his campaigns he took with him a set of "Classics" from the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks.

I was reading that people referred to Napoleon as being basically a "Classical" man – In other words – Pre-Christian. Napoleon read the ancient Roman and Greek texts and he had various thoughts on the matter. I’m not sure that I agree with all of it, or that all his conclusions are valid. But we are of course referring to someone who lived 200 years ago! And we’ve made a lot of archaeological progress since then.

I’m quite convinced that the KEY to the success of both Hitler and Napoleon lies, not only in their personal genius and their ability to grasp masses of information and both were incessant bookworms. But I also think that they were not Christians at heart – ever.

I think that the "Pagan roots" of their thinking may lie at the core of their success. They thought like the Romans and Greeks – who were determined warriors.

I’m quite convinced of this and that modern scholars ignore this most important angle to them.

Of course the JEWS will NEVER want any future man to be like Hitler, nor to be even slightly as successful as Hitler. So they will of course ignore such things.

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