Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) Military Coup in progress: Is Mugabe out? Parallels to the Mbeki Vs Zuma power struggle


I got news of the coup in Zimbabwe yesterday. But I know Mugabe and his communist ruling party (ZANU PF) well enough that I trust nothing at face value. Mugabe is the master of dirty tricks and one thing all whites can learn from these people is to TAKE POWER SERIOUSLY! We white people do NOT take our own political and especially military power seriously enough.

I spent some time reading up and catching up on what’s going on in Zimbabwe including my Rhodesian contacts and also comparing what is being said in South Africa as well as in other newspapers and Zimbabwean websites.

What has been apparent for quite a long time is that Robert Mugabe trusts none of his people, not even his most trustworthy and loyal people in his own one party communist state. So in the last year or so he began preparing for his wife Grace to take power. Even his 2 sons are in on politics. They even pose as opposition to Mugabe himself and the blacks refer to them as “the terrible two”. Here his sons pretend to be against him.

But he prepared the way for his wife. She got a university degree, Doctorate. But she’s still extremely unpopular. The wealth and money around his family is simply astounding. Mugabe owns assets all over the world, even a hotel in Britain.

Mugabe is basically setting up his own family as a future Dynasty to rule Zimbabwe.

In South Africa, President Zuma who is polygamous is doing the same but in a more subtle way – more with LOTS of South African tax payer money.

Grace is very unpopular in Zimbabwe and the idea of her as the next president riles even the blacks. Even so, it seems Mugabe created a power structure to back her.

Something even few whites in South Africa take serious enough note of is the power struggle in the ANC that occurred between President Mbeki and Vice President Zuma about ten years ago. Mbeki, who was firmly in the grip of the Jews was trying to take the ANC to break it out of the communist Tripartite Alliance of: ANC+South African Communist Party+COSATU (Communist Trade Unions). Mbeki began breaking the rules of the communist Tripartite Alliance.

Then he fired Zuma who was the Vice President. But Zuma had communist backing and the communists realised what was afoot. They then backed Zuma and at an ANC congress the communists from SACP+COSATU+ANC went and had Mbeki “recalled” – using a strange communist rule from Eastern European communists which they had in their party. In effect the political party could FIRE the President, which they did.

That is how Mbeki was kicked out as President and Zuma came to power.

Now Zuma had an intelligence background because during the war against the whites he ran intelligence activities in Mozambique. Zuma is also a Zulu and stands out in a Xhosa dominated ANC. So he clearly has skills which work for him and the other blacks see him as very loyal to their communist cause to the point where they’d kick out one of their own.

Now returning to Mugabe. He’s been firing his Vice Presidents. First a black woman Mujuru. But last week Mnangagwa. Now Mnangagwa has a CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) background. He is also know to be ruthless. He thus also has a spying type of background.

Mnangagwa like most of the other old guys around are from the “Liberation war” against us whites in the 1970s.

Mugabe has for YEARS (decades actually), been purging even his closest people and having them killed. So when Mnangagwa was fired, he fled to Mozambique last ween and then to South Africa. The latest reports state that Mnangagwa is back in Zimbabwe now.

The other day the chief of the Zimbabwe army had a press conference where he warned Mugabe about getting rid of the “veterans” (from the war against us whites).

Last night the Zimbabwe Army seized control of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (their own TV channel) and the radio as well as THE HERALD (their main newspaper). President Zuma has said that Mugabe is under house arrest.

According to Eddie Cross (a wealthy white in Zimbabwe), Grace Mugabe fled to Namibia.

It seems the Zimbabwe army has been rounding up Grace Mugabe’s supporters whom it refers to as “criminals”.

South Africa has not intervened and has sent a delegation to assist in negotiations.

In a nutshell what we are looking at is a power struggle among the communists who rule Zimbabwe which is the same as what happened with the ANC in South Africa, except the Zimbabwean communists are even more ruthless than the South Africans. Among them, getting someone killed is not a problem. They’ll kill whomever they need to kill.

So it seems that Mnangagwa is in with the Zimbabwe army and very likely the CIO. The Army has disarmed the Police who were on Grace Mugabe’s side.

So it seems that the next step is for Mnangagwa to try to get a peaceful transfer of power from Mugabe this week.

According to Zimbabweans, I hear that the South African delegation was turned back today from Zimbabwe. I need to see what happens in this regard and how reliable this report is.

Zuma is currently the chairman of the SADC (Southern African group of countries). The SADC can also make some decisions on what must be done.

So the key thing to watch is whether Mnangagwa can get into power this week or whether there is to be an election or whether Mugabe will stand down.

At the moment Mugabe HAS NOT GIVEN UP POWER!

Make no mistake South Africa is powerful enough to put Zimbabwe in its place if it needs to. It depends on where the ANC and Zuma stand. Since this is a fight among communists, I think Zuma would like to see that this works out best for black communists. But it depends on his personal relations with Mugabe and Munangagwa. So this week will prove to be interesting.

NOTE: Julius Malema of the EFF. who hates whites and incites blacks to kill whites has said that Mugabe should be allowed to go into exile in South Africa! If this were to happen I would view it as a VERY BAD DEVELOPMENT! Mugabe is dangerous and is very wealthy and he has worked with Malema in the past. I regard Mugabe and Malema as the two who plotted to kill Eugene Terreblanche of the AWB. South Africa has allowed other communist dictators to come and live here. So if this were to happen I would view it as a very bad thing.

So what we will have to watch and see is how this power struggle is resolved and who will take the hits. Mugabe is normally exceptionally cunning. So until he actually formally resigns I won’t believe he is gone. But it seems that he may have met his match in Mnangagwa who has served him loyally for 40 years!

There are many lessons in this for us whites too. We need to learn to have a much more determined and ruthless attitude ourselves with regards to POWER, especially political and military power. I want to do some videos about military power an “The Power of ONE”. We whites have a plethora of examples of truly greatly powerful men in our past. The shenanigans of these blacks are nothing compared to the power that we whites used to wield. We need to take POWER much more seriously as a group and strive for it with every ounce of energy we have. These blacks are utterly ruthless and can only be opposed by whites who are even more determined and ruthless. For us whites, everywhere, we need to develop a determination like never before – like we last had in the days of the Roman Empire. We need to stop being weak and wimpish. You’ll see these blacks fight for power like crazy and no black communist in Southern Africa has ever surrendered power.

But in this case, its a fight among pals on the same side, so in their case the matter can be resolved peacefully. It need not lead to bloodshed. At the moment I can’t say I see indications of civil war. I think Mnangagwa, like Zuma seems to have the “best communist credentials” and the blacks will prefer him to Grace Mugabe.

It is the first time I’ve seen Mugabe outmaneuvered. So I’m not sure how he got caught out on this one.

But don’t be fooled, Mnangagwa will be another hardcore ruthless commie like Mugabe. So nothing will change. The ZANU PF communists will continue ruling.

What we need to see is whether this issue can be handled peacefully or what will happen.

Apparently Mnangagwa and others wanted white farmers back (on their own terms obviously – not that whites must cheer). So there may be other factors at work here – with MONEY POWER! We’ll have to watch to see exactly how this develops.

The Citizen newspaper is reporting that Mugabe will announce his resignation tomorrow. We’ll have to see what exactly does or does not happen.

The latest news I’ve heard is that there was a meeting in Musina by South African authorities to discuss measures to be taken in-case things go wrong in Zimbabwe. It is confirmed that the SADC delegation was stopped from entering Zimbabwe at the airport.

So there are lots of things still up in the air. We will have to see what develops this week.

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