Youtube Flags my Jewish Super Power China & Germans must be proud video as HATE SPEECH!


[I got this note from a reader who tried to put my video on Youtube. Read how quickly it was whacked! I hear Lady Michelle Renouf was arrested in Berlin, Germany yesterday. It is sickening what is going down. I worry a lot about Alfred Schaefer and wonder when his turn is coming.

The video my follower is referring to is this one: Video: China: the next Jewish Super-Power & Why Germans must be EXTREMELY PROUD of WW2, Hitler & NAZIs! which you can view here: Jan]

Received on: 2018-02-14 :-

So I uploaded your China the New Jewish Superpower video on YouTube and it got flagged for Hate Speech it seems you must have been doing good work calling out the Jew and giving the White People and Germans themselves hope which the Jews feared the most when the Whites start uniting. I been adding your recent videos since I saw your Daily Shoah interview and I myself am a Hendrik Verwoerd and Eugene Terre Blanche admirer the great men among the Boers.

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