YOUTUBE FILLED WITH ANTI-GERMAN LIES: Disgusting Youtube is filled with WW2 Allied crap propaganda

I am constantly looking for videos on good topics and I am often looking at WW2 stuff, and with this massive Jewish bloody censorship of Youtube, I have seen a plethora of disgusting new Youtube channels. Youtube has definitely gone BACKWARDS BIG TIME.

There are far less video creators now and you see the same names popping up everywhere repeatedly. This is a far cry from the "Free market" youtube we had where there were LOTS of video creators.

But I notice now that virtually all the video creators are now nothing more than mouth pieces for some fcking business and each Youtube video is filled with 30 seconds or more of selling some fcking product, over and above all the additional actual adverts, sometimes 2 of them back to back.

Youtube had such an incredible future for ourselves and for the world. It was such a different place in 2016 when I started. But the MASSIVE, SUPER WILD JEWISH CENSORSHIP OF YOUTUBE has been insane. And you can see the results.

What is pissing me off like the fck are all the fcking bloody anti-German WW2 history videos. I could puke at some of them. I know some of the history in pretty good detail and then I see the f*cking titles and I watch the video and I could just puke.

I was watching a video of a particular battle that I want to do a very special video about from WW2. I felt like throwing up when I heard all the anti-German crap … all that old Allied, recycled bullshit in a video about an actual battle. I noticed the LYING BY OMISSION. I noticed the overt political propaganda in it, which had no fcking place there. It could just tear my hair out when I looked at the bullshit, utter fcking propaganda, put out by some young smug f*ck.

I’ve been noticing this more and more … it’s as if Youtube is now filled with f*cking Allied propaganda all the way. I don’t know if its a Govt psyop. It’s more likely the JEWISH CEO of Youtube who is putting out this crap.

National Geographic is also run by some Jewish hag and that too is busy f*cking up history.

But Youtube is filled with pure anti-German propaganda I tell you.

I think there is definitely a future for us, and a task for us, to ensure that the valid truths about WW2 are told.

WW2 is the most lied about event in human history and the Jews and assorted British, allied anti-German crap is popping up all over the place.

In the case of this specific battle I will actually use this crap as part of a lesson in lying.

I went afterwards and even wikipedia’s facts confirm what I was sure were the facts about the battle. But to hear it told on Youtube you’d think the total opposite.

Youtube is now just a fcking corporate mouthpiece. Now every "youtuber" is actually working for some fcking company.

I am so sick of these Liberal and Jewish businesses. We seriously will be needing something else in the future as a race. These businesses are anti-White evil shit.

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