You can’t hide your emails or your calls from the US Government or any Western Government…

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[This is what I wrote to one of my supporters who thinks that you can avoid the Government by using ProtonMail, etc.  Jan]

I wrote:
I have bad news for you. There is no way in hell you can avoid the NSA if they want to read your email. It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid them. I don’t care what any company says. If the Military/Spies want to read your stuff or listen to your calls you CANNOT avoid it unless you are a specialist in cryptography.

I say this because years ago, I bought a book on cryptography from a pal of mine. Plus I have spoken to people who were involved in various things. I’m telling you, that if they really want to go after you, you cannot hide. They will read or listen to ANY COMMUNICATION you have. They have the means. No COMPANY of ANY SIZE can stop the military. I don’t care who they are or where they are. If the NSA wants to read your email or listen to your phone calls – THEY WILL and YOU, and no company and no billionaire and no country can avoid it. Any country has 100% jurisdiction over it’s citizens and if they want to read your mail or listen to your calls they CAN and they WILL.

But they won’t go after everyone. They need a reason. That cryptography book I have – I must haul it out and do a video from the introduction. The guy explained how he was interested in codes and how he invented codes and how he thought how clever he was. Then at university he studied cryptography – AND HE GOT A HUGE SHOCK! A HUGE SHOCK! He was stunned by how easy it was to break codes once they begin teaching you their methods.

But remember, they will only go to great lengths to hunt you down, if they believe there is reason to do so. They won’t just read your email willy nilly. However, in the case of the NSA, they have computer systems that go through EVERYTHING – emails, voice, etc. The computer systems are there to merely seek out things that might need closer inspection.

But if they should ever FOCUS ON YOU for some reason … You won’t be able to hide ANYTHING.

My phone even emails me a map of all the places I drove to in the last month. Technology is powerful.

But don’t be needlessly paranoid either.

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