WW2: The German loss of Stalingrad – Goering’s role – Hitler’s anger

I’m busy reading more German military stuff from WW2, and I was surprised by part of the role in the loss of Stalingrad, played by Goering. It seems that Goering’s assurances to Hitler that the Luftwaffe could supply the troops in Stalingrad by air, played quite a big role in Hitler keeping the army there despite them being surrounded.

Later, Hitler was furious with Goering, and told him that as the leader of the Luftwaffe he was lazy and he had done almost nothing. This was quite a take-down for Goering but he agreed with Hitler that Hitler was right.

The French, in Indo-China made a similar mistake, regarding air power. But the French did it as a deliberate strategy and to their horror their air power later failed them.

Hitler also couldn’t fire Goering because Goering was very popular with Germans.

However Goering redeemed himself right at the end of the war when he was captured and when he stood up for Germans.

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