WW2: Jewish revenge at Nuremburg by hanging Germans on Purim

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[There is an article about the American who hanged the Germans at Nuremburg. The URL is on the bottom. The following messages are exchanges between my American friends. They are talking about rejecting the stupid Jewish holiday of Purim. I agree. The Jews saw to it that Julius Streicher was hanged on Purim … as Jewish revenge of course. What I am loving is how these Americans are also wanting to include their European kith and kin! It's awesome! Never celebrate or acknowledge Jewish holidays. Jan]

Here is the exchange:

Thank you for adding this portion about Julius Streicher. I had no idea.

I believe we need our own White commemoration this weekend.

Anyone who’d like to join in a conference call Sunday, let me know possible time periods within your Time Zone that work for you – ideally morning or early afternoon Eastern Time, so that we Americans and Canadians can include our European kith and kin.


In my research, I discovered that the Jews hung Hitler’s 10 top people. The Publisher of
Der Stürmer, was Julius Streicher. His last dying words were, ‘Purim Fest 1946,” before his botched and torturous hangin. A Jew, mastered minded it, and also sold the courts all the hanging equipment. The white man the Jews selected to do the actual hanging was a filthy, grubby-looking White soldier. It was a terrible fiasco for the Jews and their other Communist counterparts could laugh and relish as our suffering. Yes, Jews are that greedy. An opportunity to bring down our best White men and make $$$$$$$$.$$ at the same time.

From a Rabbi: "The following day after the Kristallnacht attack on November 10th, 1938, Streicher gave a speech and proclaimed, “Just as the Jews butchered 75,000 Persians in one night, the same fate would have befallen the German people had the Jews succeeded in inciting a war against Germany . . . the Jews would have instituted a new Purim festival in Germany.”

Although Streicher’s execution did not occur on the Purim holiday itself, he perceived an irony here that nobody else noticed at the time. Ten Nazi leaders had been condemned and executed for their crimes against the Jewish people and humanity; their mode of execution was hanging, much like the ten sons of Haman were executed by hanging in the Purim story."

Note in the link, the German victims’ last words were prayers to God and for the country of Germany. It’s wha we face in all our White countries today. They didn’t put us on a hangman’s floor. They destroyed our websites, people, radio shows, YouTubes, now Bitchute is cracking down. It’s a form of murder since we are not only our white body, but mind, heart, soul, writings, videos, ancestors, children, countries, history, art, music, inventions.


This weekend, Jews around the world will celebrate Purim.

Like all Jewish holidays euphemistically referred to as "holy" days, Purim is a celebration of the mass murder of Gentiles. It is also a day of drunkenness and debauchery for the Jews. No surprise there!

And so, my friends and I ask you to please forward the following message to EVERYONE on your contact list:


Of course, some will object, saying, "I’m not Jewish; I don’t celebrate Purim." But that’s not the intent. It’s like saying "NO" to drugs, even though you don’t do drugs.

Tell the whole world!


It’s time to stop this genocidal madness.

Source: https://www.historynet.com/hanging-offense-american-hangman-nuremberg.htm

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