WW2: Jewish Holocaust: If the NAZIS cremated and burned the Jews – Then Poland would be DEFORESTED!


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Video & Audio: South African Jews worked secretly to destroy White rule
We take a look at the testimony of the Scottish Member of Parliament, George Galloway, who was an enemy of the Whites of South Africa and Apartheid. He travelled secretly to South Africa during Apartheid.

[A good German friend of mine, made this point about the totally stupid story of the supposed Jewish Holocaust. I, too, had wondered about the insanely enormous LOGISTICS needed for this hypothetical story by the race of lying Jewish rats. I thought in terms of coal. Here's what my German friend points out. Jan]

My German friend wrote:
By the way, no one in Poland has reported any deforestation during 1943 and 1945. If one has seen a cremation, one has seen the amount of wood that is required just to burn one human body. If these holocaust cause stories were true, not a single tree could have been found around these labour-camps and a 100 km radius. But the trees were still all there, all the time

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