WW2: Germany packed plenty of punch: Hitler could have smashed the Allies in France


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I’ve read everything … sitting in the German memoirs are all the details of how the Germans could have beaten everyone, everywhere.

There’s even a detailed discussion of the proper way to have smashed the Allied invasions on D-Day.

The D-Day thing I’ve known about for years. I will do a very special video about that later in Gods of War.

You won’t believe the clear thinking of how the Germans could have defeated ALL the armies, including smashing the Americans+Canadians+Brits+etc once they got into France. The whole lot could have been defeated.

What went wrong was Hitler lost his nerve after Stalingrad – and he insisted on no retreating. He also lost total faith in all his generals except a handful.

The Germans still had incredible power even after Stalingrad. They were nowhere close to losing yet.

Proof: They won the 3rd battle of Kharkov after Stalingrad. Manstein smashed the Russians to shit.


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