Willis Carto: The Planned destruction of the US Police & the Radical Jewish/Communist takeover of America

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[Willis Carto's wife put this out. She makes many points about the destruction of the Police. I see the war on the Police in the USA as a very important war. These radical Jewish billionaires who are behind the violence need to be stopped. All of this is INVENTED and MANUFACTURED. I totally resist the notion of defunding the Police. This is merely a Jewish-communist-radical-Liberal trick aimed at opening the doors for revolution and lawlessness so that others can take control of parts of America. It is the preparation for terrorism and intimidation and murder. RESIST IT. Trump is still the best thing you Americans have and my own support for Trump increases despite the fact that he failed on his big promises. That does not matter. He still is doing good things and he is well hated by the Jews and Liberals for good reason. I will discuss this more. VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP. Jan]

To all Friends of Willis Carto September 1, 2020

A wise man, Chancellor of Columbia University, Nicholas Murray Butler, once said: In this world a very small minority made things happen , an equally small minority knew it was happening but couldn’t do anything about it; and, the remaining vast majority didn’t even know it was happening to them.

With the looming Presidential election citizens should diagnose both Democrats and Republicans for hints of future plans restricting constitutional rights in the name of safety. The question whether Donald Trump will remain in office is still is an unknown. The revolution in the streets is not a casual, crazy people phenomena but a planned take-over of our present form of government. The radicals are well organized and financed. Before WW2, our government “saved” the lives of many communist academics from Europe , mostly University connected, letting them into our country without much scrutiny concerning their political loyalties. After 1945 the subversion of our educational system became the norm. Joe McCarthy was right when he ferreted out the Communists working in many venues in and outside of our government.

In 1968 congress changed the Omnibus Crime Control Act to the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The plan called for all police to be “regionalized”. The commission proposed to eliminate all police departments with fewer than 10 men nationwide. The purpose was to gain control by regionalization which would eliminate 80% of our independent police forces. This was the beginning of what is now called “Defunding the Police”. It is the well-planned destruction of all local Police. Under this policy elected Sheriffs would be eliminated altogether. Conservatives were fighting “Regional Government” especially in California during the 1970s . Today we are looking forward to a Vice President coming out of the state of California’s cesspool. Everything we watch on the evening news will become the norm. Looters will be part of our no-police populace. Instead of the Police fighting crime the revolutionaries will be our safety contacts to call when in trouble. Gun confiscation is the first item on their subversive lists.

If President Trump cannot control the revolutionaries now, just wait until Biden/Harris are in office. Today they are controlled and financed by billionaire subversives to turn this country into one big disaster. Everything we see on the evening news will become the norm. To fight Communism , don’t call it socialism we need to keep our trained troops and police close at hand. It is too late to cry (as the politicians do) that we will not become a socialist country. We already have socialism for the poor and the rich alike. Realistically we have to admit that the maniacs in the streets are ruthless Revolutionaries and Communists.

Please read “Does your town need a national police force?”

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Thank you.
Elisabeth Carto

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