Will the Jewish system Collapse by itself? – My Reply: USE CORONA FOR ALL ITS WORTH!


On Gab, one of my supporters wrote:

You say that the system is bomb proof, but then make the case that we have to throw jews out. These are mutually exclusive are they not.

Many people that have been in this for a while see no solution other than building White community, breeding and waiting for collapse which will come when third world brain types cannot manage or replicate White system designs. This is the view that key White Rights figures like William Pierce and Nick Griffin held and hold.

Some think though that like with the fall of communism, we can meet a threshold beyond which there will be no faith in the system and so the system will collapse. Whites are seeing their countries being destroyed by invasion, they are seeing that they are being replaced and they are seeing that the government and the media hates them.

This could lead to a chutzpah enabled rejection of the systems of control.

I replied:

We cannot sit by and wait for the system to fail. Many things are working in our favour, however Jews move fast and invent new lies. They are constantly propping up their leaky system. Look at how quickly they scammed the US Govt out of $2.2 trillion in the wake of the stock market collapse. We cannot sit by. We MUST operate as actively and intensely as we can in order to wake other whites up. The real key is waking our own people up at the fastest and with the greatest intensity. I’m seizing the moment here in SA to use this crisis to show whites here that this is a TOTAL SCAM. NEVER SIT BACK! Just push harder … but the focus is whites. Whites must realise what the Jews and Elite are up to. That is the key. Once they begin to see what’s going on, then we’re on our way. We’ve woken so many, but there are very large numbers to still go. I think this crisis is excellent because it touches EVERYONE. We’re all in a stupid lockdown across the planet because of these fuckers and this scam. So we must seize it. It affects people personally and is causing them financial loss and fear. We must grab this for all its worth and do our utmost to make it boomerang back on the Jews by exposing it for all we’re worth. You MUST always WORK ACTIVELY to wake whites up because that is the only was to smash the system. Jews invent new lies and tricks by the day. They are very energetic. If we leave them alone they’ll begin gaining control of the minds of whites again.

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