Will Jews in the end hide behind WHITES? – London: 2 Blacks Beat a Rabbi & shouting: Kill the Jews & f*** the Jews


[I have wondered if the Jews in the end won't end up failing in their efforts to destroy us as a race and one day the Jews may be hiding behind whites after having unleashed a multiracial hell. This story may be overstated as is normal to the lying Jewish scum. But this does match my own observations here in South Africa. As much as the Jews suck up to the blacks especially, the Jews are not really winning. Even their liberalism with the blacks is failing. I think they can only bribe the really powerful blacks and no doubt feed them with anti-white ideas. I am thinking that whites will survive all the hell that Jews are unleashing and that in the future decades to come, at some point, they will find that the non-whites hate them even more than the whites hated them and then they'll be trying to suck up to us. But we must NEVER deal with these people. As per the Linder strategy, the Jews must go. We must get these people out of our civilisation and lives for once and for all. 

So it is good to see blacks giving a Rabbi in London a good whipping. Excellent stuff. I suspect it is all overstated, but even so, the Rabbi, filth must have had a scare. Jan]

(December 1, 2019 / Campaign Against Antisemitism) A senior rabbi on a visit to the United Kingdom was severely beaten in London on Friday by two teenagers yelling anti-Semitic slurs. The rabbi, who has not yet been named, boarded a plane to Israel on Saturday night.

The rabbi was reportedly approached at approximately 9:45 p.m. on Friday in Amhurst Park by two teenagers described as black and wearing dark, hooded clothing. The teenagers allegedly shouted “Kill Jews” and “F*** Jews” and beat him, leaving him bleeding on the ground.

The incident, which took place during the Jewish Sabbath, when Orthodox Jews do not use telephones, has been reported to the police and Stamford Hill Shomrim, a volunteer Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol.

On Dec. 8, regardless of religion, race or politics, Jews and non-Jews alike will gather in Parliament Square to declare that they stand together against anti-Semitism in the face of Jew-hatred in politics and mounting anti-Jewish hate crime.

Source: https://www.jns.org/rabbi-beaten-in-london-by-teenagers-shouting-kill-jews-and-f-jews/

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