PROOF: 3 Pics: White South Africans are excluded from a new job creation initiative

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[Here, from Front National is evidence showing that whites are being openly excluded from getting jobs. The blacks have ruled this country for 24 years. During all this time there has been Affirmative Action (and as many as another 130 anti-white laws) that discriminate against whites. One white man recently told me that he had been unable to find a job for 8 years.

Whites even lose part of their own businesses in order to implement BEE; Black Economic Empowerment – which basically forces blacks to own part of your company).

At one point, in 2016, I was talking to a non-white manager I knew who was working for a major Bank, one of our big 4 banks. He told me that there were very aggressive moves in that Bank to employ non-whites even if they didn’t make the grade. There is an aggressive anti-white agenda out there, especially with regard to driving experienced or qualified whites out of their jobs.

Look at the screen shots from the system below. Ramaphosa is in with the Jews. This “Yes” initiative sounds a lot like Obama’s “Yes we can” nonsense.

Let me be clear about this: I don’t care if the non-whites want to seize all the jobs. But let us then, honestly, in public, acknowledge that their system is anti-white. And if their system allows for BLACKS ONLY to get jobs, then it is only FAIR that we whites engage in our own WHITES ONLY businesses and whites only job creation. I’m quite happy, and would be delighted in fact, if whites could create their own economy, employ their own people and run their own businesses. BUT DON’T TELL ME WE ARE FREE AND EQUAL IN THIS STUPID BLACK DOMINATED SOUTH AFRICA WHEN WE ARE NOT! Jan]

President Cyril Ramaphosa launched his “Yes” initiative after his maiden State of the Nation speech in February this year, 2018, to address the situation around youth unemployment in South Africa.

Unfortunately the president and his government forgot what they had been saying before 1994: “Poverty is poverty, hunger is hunger irrespective of skin colour and to discriminate against a person based on his skin colour is a transgression of Human Rights and human dignity.”

In short, in deliberately excluding white youth between 18 and 35 from the labour market, the president and his government acts in direct contravention of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, of the Bill of Human Rights and of all the principles in all the statutes, laws and acts of the United Nations and various other bodies.

How do we know that they deliberately exclude white youth?

Well, simply try to register on the Government’s “Yes” website for job seekers.

They ask the applicant to indicate three facts about himself/herself:
1) Applicant is black, coloured or Indian
2) Applicant is a South African
3) Applicant is between the ages of 18 and 34

It doesn’t matter what your answer is to question 2 and 3, if you answer “NO” to question 1, thereby indicating that you are white, the website responds with: “I am sorry, YES is only available to Black, Indian or Coloured South Africans who are 18 to 34 years”

White youth do not even have to look for a job, the government says they do not have the right to be employed.

Front National would like to ask a few things here:

1) In which way is such a condition on a government driven platform NOT racist and NOT in direct contravention of the constitution of this country, supposedly protecting citizens from racism?

2) How could it be justified that the smallest ethnic group in the country, the white minority of a mere 8% of the total population, can be excluded from the labour market? How is it possible that such a small minority can be THAT much of a threat to the majority and it’s government?

3) The white South African youth between the ages of 18 and 34 had NO political influence or power before 1994. If the old excuse of affirmative action for the inequalities of the apartheid dispensation is the motive here – how is it possibly justifiable that this government can exclude and punish citizens of whom the oldest were 9 years of age when apartheid ended and the youngest were not even born?

This is just another example of blatant reversed apartheid, racism and racial exclusion under the ANC regime in South Africa. And this is the main reason why Front National calls on the white population of this country to unite behind us and demand the recognition of our right to self determination.

This government and this oppressive, racist regime is choking us and is choking our children. They don’t want us – they can at least have the decency to let us go and look after ourselves.

It is time for world leaders to recognize Cyril Ramaphosa and his rabble for what they are: ruthless, racist oppressors of minority groups.

Read the original article on Front Nasionaal SA

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