Why Hitler had to be crushed … Dead accurate comment by an American…


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[In a discussion about WW2 one American corrected another. He hit the nail on the head and corrected another guy. One cannot repeat this truth too many times. This is the only reason why WW2 was fought … to STOP THE WORLD LEARNING FROM HITLER! Hitler would have set all people, especially the European peoples FREE from the Jewish banking and economic scams. Jan]

I guess you just don’t grasp that the reason the (((ELITE))) pulled out all the stops to get Hitler and crush Germany was that HE and his people figured out how the scam is played and broke free from it…..Setting an example which if followed by the rest of the world would have been akin to dipping a dog in flea and tick killer… The (((fleas))) had to stop HIM at all costs.

It is hard to imagine how beautiful the world might have been today …. if Hitler had WON and led the rest of the world to freedom …. by example.

Have fun with your angry e-mails Stan …… Maybe you should stick to Bible verses ….. LOL


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