Why are the Super-Rich Jew & Elite Scum buying up and moving to Desolate Islands? – My Comments


[The super rich garbage have been finding new hangouts for the future. This is the first time I've heard that they are buying islands. These filthy bastards must not be allowed to get away in the future. Jan]

Dear Reader,

Your wealth may be in imminent danger.

If you don’t act right away, you stand to lose everything.

You don’t know it yet—but wealthy elites sure do.

One after another, they’re buying up desolate island properties—places no reasonable person would ever want to live…

And they’re not telling us why.

I’m not talking about one or two rich people buying a vacation lodge.

I’m talking about tech moguls like Zuckerberg… Gates… Musk…

High profile politicians and executives… Barack Obama among them…

Pop celebrities like Kim Kardashian…

And yes, even former President Trump himself…

They’re ALL securing the most bizarre… remote… “offshore” properties you can imagine.

Trump’s island plot, for example, is surrounded by a massive wall…

Zuckerberg’s farm, floating in the middle of the ocean, is filled with food crops and goats.

And it only gets weirder from there.

Look… we don’t need them to tell us why they’re doing this.

When all these powerful people are doing the exact same thing—setting up distant “compounds” and “escapes”…

It’s plain to see…

“Something bad” is going on.

The only good news is…

I’ve figured out what’s happening.

Bad news…

It threatens you and me personally.

I can say with confidence…

If nothing changes, and if you do nothing about it… this development will destroy you.

It will decimate everything you’ve worked your entire life to build.

By the end, you won’t retire… you won’t vacation… you certainly won’t own a home.

I don’t say this to frighten you.

I’m saying it only because it is the truth as I see it.

And I’m saying it to motivate you—to do what must be done… so you and your family can get out of this intact.


You can sidestep this fast-approaching danger. But only if you get into position right now.

Just a few small investment moves, easily carried out in a regular brokerage account, could be the difference between complete comfort and abject misery in the days ahead.

And I want to show you what those moves are.

I’ve prepared all the details here in this special presentation.

There, I present a full briefing on the disaster unfolding in this country, right under our noses…

I also provide instructions on how to stay safe as this disaster plays out.

When you view this presentation for yourself—when you learn the truth—it may make you angry.

It may shock you.

But no matter what, you deserve to hear it.

Please—head here now to learn everything for yourself. You don’t have time to wait…


Dave Forest
Senior Analyst, Strategic Investor

P.S. Nearly half the people in a recent Dallas, TX, food bank line had never been there before! Please understand—something awful is unfolding in this country… and absolutely no one is immune to its effects. Even those who have been perfectly comfortable until now.

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