Who is the Jolly Heretic? – Professor Dutton in the UK – Can he be TRUSTED on RACE?


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I have been introduced to the work of Professor Dutton in the UK. He seems pretty Ok. He seems to be doing some kind of racial work, but he isn’t hardcore like us. He can’t use the R word – Race. He is almost racial without ever actually saying it.

I see he wants to teach people "based science". But I was not too impressed with 2 specific things.

  1. He spoke about King Charles asking about the skin colour of the mixed race Royal child. When he discussed the skin colour, he then went into a hell of a long winded story of how even a child from 2 white parents would not necessarily have the same skin colour. I found that very long winded and unnecessary. Unless he is afraid of British law.

  2. He had an article on obesity, and then said "It’s genetics and not food". I thought that was a tremendous stretch of the imagination myself. I used to be overweight – not obese but overweight and I lost half of that weight and it was ALL about how much food you put in your pie hole. There is no other way.

So he seems to duck around somewhat. Perhaps he is 100% a good guy and he’s just got to be wary of those hellish laws in JEWISH Britain.

He definitely seems better than the anti-White, German-hating piece of filth called Professor Jordan Peterson. That is a true piece of shit.

But if anyone has more comments on Dutton, I’m interested. It’s possible the Brits just don’t have free speech.


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