Who is really behind the sudden move to destroy Gun Ownership in South Africa? The Jews?


Here is a personal observation of mine because suddenly, out of the blue, a major move has been made by the SA Government.

It would not surprise me, if JEWS are the real movers behind the latest moves, very suddenly, in recent weeks, whereby the Government is suddenly trying to make massive moves to remove firearms from people and to stop the ownership of firearms for Self Defense. Many people, especially gun organisations and farming organisations are enraged by the moves against gun ownership that the ANC has made, suddenly, out of the blue. From my own experience with the Jews and observations of them, I think they are very likely the PRIME MOVERS behind this latest anti-gun stuff.

I do have faith that the Gun lobby in South Africa will fight back intensely against this nonsense.

There is no ways in hell that Whites must give up the right to own firearms.

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