Who are the Boers? Should we identify as being part of the “Afrikaner” or “Boer” nation?


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[This is what a Boer sent me with his views about this controversy about Boer and Afrikaner. I much prefer his definition of us. My late Boer NAZI pal used to speak of the "Boere-Afrikaners". But it appears there's some kind of divide and conquer psyop going on. Jan]

The Boer wrote:-
Should we spend a lot of time trying to figure out if we as Afrikaans speaking whites should identify ourselves as being Afrikaners, Boers or even "Boere-Afrikaners", or should we rather focus on uniting all freedom-loving whites – including English-speaking whites? There are some important facts that we should keep in mind before answering this question. We should first of all realize that only a handful of whites currently sympathize with the ideal of establishing a white homeland inhabited exclusively by whites and being governed by only white people. There are also other factors dividing freedom-loving whites – especially religious differences. The government’s intelligence service is aware of this and they use these differences to their advantage. We should also be aware of the fact that such a tiny minority of whites identify themselves with either being Afrikaners or Boers, that we cannot even speak of such a nation (Afrikaans: volk) existing currently as a proper cultural community. Since 1994 most whites have said goodbye to the ideal of establishing an "Afrikaner Volkstaat" and they identified rather as being non-racial "Afrikaanses" or as South Africans. We should keep in mind that the British fought an immoral and underhanded war against the Boers during 1899-1902 and that the Boer nation’s freedom was stolen from them. Unfortunately the Boer nation’s countries were overrun by mostly black "cheap" labor during the previous 120 years – mostly because of the policies of the Oppenheimer empire. It will therefore be an uphill battle to attempt to claim the whole of Transvaal and the Orange Free State as part of a possible future white homeland. For this reason many freedom-loving whites decided that we should include (initially) only a small part of the current South Africa as being part of a possible white homeland. Because of these aforementioned reasons it is my suggestion that we should put the whole "Afrikaner" versus "Boer" debate on hold until we are ready for a proper resistance against the current corrupt black Jewish-controlled regime. This could take many years, because "proper resistance" implies a "conservative white revolutionary" group taking the lead in this future attempt at establishing a white ethnostate. This group should also have the sympathy and support of thousands of whites who will be prepared to live and work in this future homeland. By that time this "conservative white revolutionary" group will decide what name will be used to identify the whites inhabiting this new homeland. Only then will a new white nation be established in this new homeland – a nation that will be inspired by the heroic deeds of the Boer nation in their war against (((Big Money))) and the British Empire more than a century ago. Hopefully the new white nation will also be aware of the detrimental effect of the Afrikaans churches and even of the fact that we cannot use the Bible as a guideline for proper relations between different races. These churches have been losing many members because of their support for ANC policies. What would be left of Christianity in Southern Africa fifty or sixty years from now?

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