Whites should have as many children as possible … but here’s the problem… Hitler’s wonderful solution


Whites should bring every White child into the world that we possibly can. The real problem is FINANCIAL. It is NOT physical. It’s not that we can’t have more children. The problem is a money problem.

This problem must be overcome through re-organising and prioritising how we deal with this issue.

Hitler gave a house for free to every married couple. For each child he wrote off 25% of the debt. So when a couple had 4 children their house was paid for in full.

Hitler INVESTED in children. He knew, correctly, the importance of the children.

We need to go back to this type of system.

We do NOT NEED Diversity and multiculturalism. We need every White child we can get.

The Children are everything. They are the future.

Have as many children as you can.

But I know in this current world it is extremely difficult for Whites.

That is why we must get our freedom and the highest priority of our future states must be to make White Children the No 1 priority of THE STATE.

Hitler’s way of thinking, as always, is totally correct.

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