Whites MUST learn to stick together: The Jewish scum created the ADL in order to protect a Jewish murderer


[I am well aware that the ADL, the anti-defamation league, was created because of the Jewish shit bag, Leo Frank, who murdered Mary Phagan. But it's also nice to read one of my readers commenting about this. The reader comments on the status of modern Americans. We whites have to learn to stick together. Definitely. Also, we must KILL our actual traitors. Anyone who betrays us because he values his bank account or fake "career" more than our race and nations should be killed swiftly! Jan]

This is from the video I did about Jack the JEWISH Ripper, and Mary Phagan and Bubble Schroeder:

Leo Frank is responsible for the birth of the ADL. Justice was meted out over 100 yrs ago in the south when real men were fearless ,fast forward 100 yrs and the descendants of these men are nothing more than a feminized version of their ancestors,most.The only way you can get a mob of white southerners from Atlanta together today to mete out justice would be to condemn one of their own if they dare harm a person of color. The jews have done a bang up job with putting the blame for slavery on the poor whites in America when in fact it was a jewish industry in all the Americas. One thing you have to give credit to the jews for is, they stick together while creating division among whites in the western world.If we had only 25% of the white population with the cohesiveness of the jews we could take back our countries.If we are going to defeat the anti white rhetoric we’re going to have to take some pages out of their playbook.

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