Whites kneeling & bowing to blacks who hate them… – Whites WASTE THEIR LIVES dealing with Blacks & Jews

Some folks were circulating an email and commenting on how ridiculous it is that white cops and soldiers in the USA are made to kneel to these pavement apes (I really like this American term – NICE!).

I wrote the following:

History will one day judge the whites of this time since WW2 to surely be the dumbest of all time. Whites everywhere bend to these people from the stone age. When I grew up in Rhodesia it was said that blacks are 10,000 years behind us. I’m sure that is historically and scientifically valid, because when you see their retarded "culture" it doesn’t hold a candle to what whites have done. Read history of whites 2,000 years ago, and they are vastly superior in mentality and everything to blacks just 2 years ago. I have spoken to blacks, like I have to everyone, including Jews and found it to be a WASTE OF TIME. To even speak to these people IS TO WASTE YOUR LIFE. Seriously. Go outside and get a shovel, or do some work or speak to another white. YOU CANNOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. We’re utterly insane to even listen to them. But guess who has turned our lives on its head… the Jews. There sits the Jew financing the black, putting him on TV, singing praises to him, elevating him while denigrating the white.

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