White Unity Globally can only happen in this way…

I’ve been observing my neighbours who are normally very sheep-like and quiet. But this lockdown is starting to stir people … even the sheep.

Unity can only come from shared enemies and struggles. The more we have similar problems that touches us all, the more it will drive us together. We NEED enemies. We need bad things. We need threats. We need problems that are so big that we have to reach out to each other, and in so doing, we end up creating something new that has huge benefits for us all.

I think that enemies, war and strife will actually be good for us, and out of this, will come the new white person, and a new white civilisation.

The fact that Jews have gone and turned everyone against us, could in the end backfire enormously on the race of shit.

As for the blacks, by trying to murder us and destroy us, they have only signed their own death warrant. Maybe they will even head for extinction when our race gets rolling forward.

But hardship and COMMON ENEMIES, and common problems, is healthy for us. It has made us throw aside our worthless lives wherein we only worry about our own bank accounts. Now we’re thinking bigger thoughts and reaching out to each other. This is the beginning of huge things.

Later when I explain Quigley, you’ll see why I am more convinced than ever that enormous things will come out of this Internet age. The Internet may well result in the greatest political upheaval of all time and it may even be, that centuries from now, whites will look back with pleasure at those of us who used the Internet as a tool and thus laid the foundations for a new civilisation of Europeans – a global one.

Hitler used radio and TV to great effect, and we should use the Internet in the same way. We can beat these worthless scoundrel Jews.

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