WHITE MASS ACTION: CANADA: Drone – Parliament Hill Freedom Protest Jan 29, 2022 – Fleeing Coward Justin Trudeau – My Comments

[Here's a short video from a drone showing Whites in action in Canada. So far, I don't see sign of Diversity Canada driving trucks or tractors … because none of the (((Diversity))) people do any of the real work, the hard work. The Whites are awesome when they do their thing. Nobody get's killed. Nobody is robbed. Everyone is just doing their stuff together. Of course Jews, Liberals and assorted scum will refer to them as TERRORISTS and WHITE RACIST SUPREMACISTS. All that crybaby nonsense. I'm so keen to see what the Canadians do. We've not seen MASS WHITE ACTION LIKE THIS SINCE THE FRENCH AND OTHER EUROPEANS DID IT. I knew the Canadians could do it! Jan]

But here is a fun commentary I got from an American lady about the arrogant prick, Trudeau. I thought this was very funny:
When we see Brandeau again, I think he’ll have a tan. He’s at the beach somewhere.

He caught Coward-19, but what’s he’s really afraid of is the new Freedom Variant!

I enjoyed the above. Here’s the video:

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