White Attorney in America warns: White Nationalists STAY AWAY FROM COURT! – My Comments

[I was privy to a private discussion where the guy below wrote a reply to an attorney I know in America. I was quite shocked by what he wrote. I am suspecting the author is himself an attorney. I will double-check. From what he writes, things seem bad. To me it seems as if the situation which we Whites have got ourselves into in this world is very bad. We've let things slide far to long and too far. The Jews have clearly embedded themselves to a horrific degree into the American system and now it's a real struggle. Jan]

This is what was written:


[Before reading this reply to your email, all recipients should note the link to one of the most wonderful videos I have seen anywhere.  It deals with the sudden System interest in boundaries.  Boundaries don't matter when it involves millions of Third World colonists entering the US.  But they matter big time when it involves Kyle Rittenhouse "crossing state lines" to go to Kenosha.  Please do yourself a favor: do look at this video.  You will be so glad you did. https://youtu.be/hY1eoY_MMco ]

This is a very, very good piece of information as well as good advice for the person who all too often is eager to run and file a lawsuit.

The courts are enemy turf. They are not friendly to us. The best thing a White activist can do is to stay away from the courts.

I can speak to this issue from 50 years of experience in the law and from a number of cases I have handled on behalf of White dissidents.

Like the cliche about the stopped clock, old Karl Marx was occasionally right.

And when he said the courts are designed to protect those in power from those who are not in power he hit the nail on the head.

And this has never been truer than it is in our present situation in the USA…the country with "just-us for all."


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