S.Africa: Beautiful White woman stabbed to death in front of her 1 month old baby


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[On the social media Ann Kelly in the USA, who does great work for our race posted this. The photo is not on the news website. But Ann seems to have found the photo of this beautiful white woman and her husband. Yet another white tragedy in South Africa. Another “normal” day in South Africa! Say thank you to the White Liberals, the Jews and communists! Jan]

Ann Kelly
4h4 hours ago

This beautiful South African woman was stabbed to death while at home with her one month old baby. ??

Each day is a risk for all White South Africans in their homes and in the streets.

A 26-year-old mother who was at home with her 1-month-old baby was stabbed to death by a suspected house robber at her home in Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth, on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement, police say the suspect entered the house around 12:35 while the mother, her child and a domestic worker were at home. Shortly after, her fiancé arrived home and confronted the attacker in the bedroom.

“A scuffle ensued between them, however, the attacker managed to flee. The woman sustained stab wounds to her neck and arm and was lying on the bedroom floor,” said police.

“She succumbed to her injuries. The domestic worker was allegedly locked in the bathroom by the suspect.”

Police say the child was not harmed.

They added that there was no forced entry into the house and that detectives were still gathering evidence on the scene late on Wednesday afternoon.

Police are investigating a case of murder and robbery.

Eastern Cape police provincial commissioner Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga expressed shock at the brutal killing, saying that an extensive search for the suspect is currently underway.

“We have video footage and an apt description of the suspect,” said Ntshinga.

“They must be arrested and placed behind prison bars. We extend our condolences to the family of this young mother and assure the community that we will do everything in our power to apprehend the perpetrator.”

Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/port-elizabeth-mother-stabbed-to-death-in-front-of-her-infant-child-20180725

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I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is zwnews.com. Zwnews.com used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

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