Where to for White America & for Donald Trump? Is this the real new possibility?

[This is from an email to a bunch of White Americans I know who are extremely unhappy about the election. Jan]

I wrote:

I was chatting to some South African friends and supporters of mine, and they’re mostly just as miserable about the outcome with Trump. So I then remarked to them what I think you folks will do, from my understanding of your culture and the way you people respond to things. This is what I wrote – the brackets () are additional things I’m adding in as I think more about this:

The best thing I can think of, knowing the white Americans is that this will kick off a new 911 type of truth movement. There was a time about ten or more years ago when Americans rebelled for a while and started the Tea Party. This will definitely kick off something like a cross between that and the 911 truth movement. There will be outrage. Unless Trump has other plans like his own media and maybe his own political party. He has the power to do this. It reminds me of Ross Perot. I was a huge fan of Ross Perot even though he was a liberal. He was a billionaire and he stood for president. He won technically as well, but the Clinton camp got it in the end. (PS: I know Perot lost because he pulled out and then came back in – but estimates were, that if he did not pull out, he would have won). I liked Perot. Trump is tougher than Perot (and much richer and much more famous). We need to see what went wrong, Trump is perfectly placed to do his own thing.

The above was the main message. Then I veered off in other directions. But below are additional thoughts:

Then one younger Boer wrote that what has worked for Trump in the past is to do his own thing, and he thinks Trump can go out on his own – e.g. own political party.

The discussion then veered off in a number of directions wherein I made the point that we whites are actually nationalists – at the CORE of the white mind, is THE STATE. The State is our thing. We’re not really traders like Jews. Our real thinking is THE STATE – owning and running a nation that has all the functions as well as a military. This is how all whites, everywhere think. This is deeply ingrained in us. We don’t wheel and deal. We run states. That is our way of living.

But yeah, I wonder if something new can come of this. Knowing you Americans, if enough of you whites are pissed off, you’ll create something.

I generally LIKE ANGER … anger is a wonderful motivator. People will waste time generally, but if they are ANGRY, then they start getting going.

You Americans have a fascinating system that is constantly under a type of evolution. Your system is based on motion. It’s very different to the way Europeans and Boers think. Sometimes I like your system, and sometimes I don’t. Your system is constantly flexible. That has its good sides. But I still think the German system is the best that was ever created. It has no equal. Hitler was the only leader who ran a country totally logically.

Anger is a great motivator and anything that spurs on ANGER is good. Outrage and anger is great. Out of your pain, will come new motivators.

I even wonder whether the next level for you folks will be NEW EXTREMISM. New levels of extremism you’ve not seen before.

Extremism is actually the only thing that works. I’ve watched the blacks, the Jews, the commies … that’s the only thing that works.

I leave you with this, because I think this is one of the greatest predictions ever made. The late great George Lincoln Rockwell said: "After black revolution, comes white revolution."

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