What Trump’s Enemies say: If he wins… He will do BIG THINGS… also: Draining a bit of the Swamp


I have been looking at some of what is going on in the Trump whitehouse, and what his ENEMIES are saying about him.

I think there is much to be said for a 2nd term of Donal Trump. I think he’s played it cautiously to find his feet and to know what he wants to do and perhaps HOW TO DO IT.

I am quite fascinated and delighted by his detractors and enemies. I like Trump’s ENEMIES a LOT. I like the TRAITORS to Trump a LOT. Why? Because in trying to smear him, they are actually telling us what a racist and good guy he really is.

They are also indicating that more people will come out and attack Trump. Thus it seems to me that Trump has been draining some of the swamp creatures and those who have left and turned on him, are now showing themselves. I wonder if, in a small way, he’s be causing people to leave or to be changed or moved around, and that this is damaging a bit of what the Jews and Liberals have been creating?

A most interesting statement from one of these enemies is that in Trump’s 2nd Term he will be going wild on Executive orders and massive changes even in US foreign policy. I sure wish we whites in SA could become a part of this. I really would love this. It’s a pipe dream.

Anyway, Trump has said that there are things he will do that no other president dares to, and his 2nd term is the key. With nothing to lose, unless the pathetic Republicans try to contain him, he could go wild.

I hope so.

I think that supporting Trump is critical. And the Jews and others know that Trump will do wild things in the 2nd term and that’s why, I think this will up the ante to levels never before seen.

And I like it. I saw a BLM speech where a black said that Trump must be removed from the White house BEFORE THE ELECTION. Yeah yeah. That won’t happen. BLM are Marxist/Communist … JEWISH COMMUNISM!

I say: f*ck them.

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