White American Lady writes to me: South Africa is what the future Jewish America will be like


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Video: European Colonialism: How many Blacks did Whites kill? The MASSIVE Black Population Explosion
In this video I focus on the claim that whites just slaughtered and killed millions of blacks in Africa and I compare it with the actual population statistics of Africa.

A lady in the USA whom I’ve done shows with, Patricia, sent me this comment the other day:

Jan, I’ve said since I met Karin Smith that SA was the jew template for what’s going to happen in the US. If they could keep the US and Europe from knowing the truth about South Africa, then they’d roll out the same genocide here.

Thank you for always showing the parallels.

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6 Pics: When South Africa was White and VIBRANT! - The Hanging building!
This building still exists in Johannesburg. It was already built and looking great in the mid-1980s when I came to work in Johannesburg. Someone back then told me that the floors of this building are hanging. I did not quite know what to think of it, but its design is strange and when you look at the bottom, youll see the whole building is held up by a central column. (Just like those buildings of 911).

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